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ORCSA General Membership Meeting Minutes Aug. 10, 2007
held at the Ohio State Fair Grounds at 9:30 am

President Al Sidell called the meeting to order at 9:30 am and asked for the minutes of the last meeting to be read by the secretary. Andy Kavalauskas made a motion to by- pass the reading of the minutes since everyone had received them in the mail. Richard Forthofer seconded and the motion passed with the minutes accepted as they were written. Treasurer's Report was called and since our Treasurer was not here today, Al reported that our account stands at about $2400 after the picnic expenses and costs of the trophies for the Ohio State Fair had been paid. The secretary reported that she had received an paid order for a pocket T-shirt, sweatshirt and cap at the picnic and had purchased a couple more T-shirts with pockets and another sweatshirt for the embroidery lady to sew our logo on for resale. The total cost of this transaction came to $72.82. A motion was made by Lynn Muller and seconded by Andy Kavalauskas to pay for this expense. The bill will be forwarded to Brenda for reimbursement to Anita. A call for any outstanding bills was made - none further; Al called for our Committee Reports.

Tim Myers reported on this year's Ohio State Fair and asked for any suggestions or changes. Al said he would like to see the youth classes be moved to Thursday instead of on Friday because of all the hitch classes being on Friday. Richard Forthofer thought the stalling arrangement this year was bad and everyone was scattered out over the entire barn. He felt this was not very accommodating for the exhibitors. It was felt it would be nice to have everyone closer so they could help each other and watch over the horses and equipment when the exhibitors were gone from the barn and at the show ring or coliseum. Tim reported that it is very hard to get the Horse Show folks to accept any changes to the way they set up the show, but he will continue to pursue and explain our concerns to them. We will need to get some hitch classes moved to Thursday so it would not be so demanding on Friday.

It was felt our Youth Representative did a good job and represented ORCSA well at OSF. Al noted that he has seen her at 3 county fairs so far and that her family has been with her to help out and that they all seemed to be enjoying themselves and doing a nice job for ORCSA. Kory noted that our Junior and Senior Showmanship classes were low in numbers and that we need to encourage and try to get more children involved with our breeds. Tim reported that we had some confusion about youth riding on hitch wagons. Our youth classes require that no children under 21 can show a stallion but does not pertain to open classes or riding on the wagons in the hitch classes.

It was also brought up that this year's ringmaster was not doing a very good job and causing confusion and unsafe situations in the show ring. Tim will take these issues to the December All Draft Horse Show meeting in Columbus. Tim also noted that a lot of folks had trouble with the entry forms for this year. Tim suggested that if you have difficulties with these forms to contact the Draft Horse Show Office for assistance. It was a difficult form for the group classes, and Tim will ask some of the other state fairs for copies of their forms to see how they do theirs. Al called for other committee reports and noted that our next get together will be our Fall Weekend Outing at the Guiher Farm to be held on September 29 and 30,2007. Anita noted that for those who are wanting to camp over, they are welcome to come in on Friday to set up their camp. Also, we'd like to see some members help out with planning events and activities. The Muller, Dodds and Pauline Eaton offered to help with this.

Al thanked us for remembering him and his family during the time that his father passed away. It was also noted today that Sandy Weldy and Sharon McCord's father passed away on August 9. Al extended our thoughts and prayers for Sandy and Sharon during this difficult time. Al brought up the problem of not getting our dues renewed in a timely manner by January 1 of new year and possibly moving the dues to be paid by the picnic time. Anita had discussed this with Brenda earlier and Brenda suggested that we move the due date to January 31 with a grace period to around February 15. After that date, than a late fee would be added. This might encourage folks to pay by the due date. Having dues later in the year would cause problems with trophy sponsorships and their timetable for publication for the State Fair. Al called for further discussion on this. Since Theresa and Brenda were not here to explain their concerns and needs, Al suggested that we have an Executive Board Meeting to decide on how to proceed with this. Richard Forthofer made a motion to take this issue to our Executive Board, Norm Guiher seconded the motion; motion passed.

Al wanted to introduce everyone here and asked everyone to introduce themselves, which was then done. Next item to cover was the nomination of officers for 2008. Al called for nomination for: Vice - President. Sam Borck was nominated by Maria Sidell and seconded by Richard Forthofer, Kory Weldy was nominated by Norm Guiher and seconded by Maria Sidell. Nominations than closed.

Secretary Angie Borck was nominated by Maria Sidell and seconded by Tim Myers. Nominations than closed. Treasurer. Brenda Damschroder was nominated by Andy Kavalauskas and seconded by Sam Borck. Nomination than closed. Affiliated Trustee. Sharon McCord was nominated by Kory Weldy and seconded by Richard Hurt. Andy Kavalauskas was nominated by Richard Forthofer and seconded by Mark Main. Nominations than closed. Ballots will be sent out via the mail with a space available for write-ins for all positions. Al called for a motion to close the nominations. Daryl Jones motioned to close the nominations and Richard Forthofer seconded the motion. Motion passed. Al than asked everyone to cast their votes and send them back for the tally.

Another item to discuss was the listing of all members and their addresses and possible email addresses on our website. It will be noted on our dues renewal form for a request to have this information so that we can put it on the web site. We will try to get this done for the upcoming year.

Kory Weldy would like to request business/farm cards from our members so that he can complete a map display of Ohio and surrounding areas and have the locations of our members on this display. We can then take this map to our events to show off our members names and farms and cities that they live near. Please send your cards to:

Kory Weldy
7856 Harrisburg-London Rd.
Orient, OH 43146

It was also noted another item for Tim to take to the OSF meeting was in regards to the number of passes given out for our sponsorships of the trophies this year. Some of our members generously sponsored more than one class but received the same number of passes as some one who sponsor one class. Our Hospitality Room was also not furnished with refreshments as was indicated it would be for both Thursday and Friday. We had donated money for this and will have to look into what happened. Al said he will talk to Ron Mack on this matter.

Tim also wanted to let us know that there are animal rights groups on the fair grounds and are approaching people and inquiring on the animals welfare and possible abuse. Tun advised us to not confront any of these groups.

Al called for the meeting to adjourn. Tim made motion to adjourn, Mark seconded the motion and the meeting adjourned at 10:30 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Anita L Guiher Secretary ORCSA