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ORCSA General Membership Meeting
June 7, 2008 at 10:30 AM

Orsca Meeting minutes held June 7,2008 Meeting Held at the home of Al and Maria SidelTs Meeting called to order at 2:10PM 21 people in attendance with 3 children Al Sidell opened meeting and thanked everyone for attending, the great turn-out and the great food

Al welcomed Steve Swander, our newest member. Steve introduced himself he is looking to get into the feathered breeds. He is looking toward next year for his own horse. Welcome Steve! We all will help you in any means we can. He also does digital photography and video; if anyone is looking for those services please contact him. (His number is in the newsletter.) Brenda Damshroder gave a treasurers report all the outstanding bills are paid, the Draft Horse Journal Ad has been paid for. We have e new bill from Brandon Knapp for our web mastering of $115. Anita Guiher made motion to pay Brandon's bill Maria Sidell and Tim Myers second, voted motion passed.

Minutes from December s Meeting, Mark Dodds made motion to accept minutes as read, Andy second motion, and motion voted and passed.

Old Business:

Al asked for a report on Equine Affair, Maria stated that Darryl and Andy put a lot of effort into the stall decorations and they looked great Mark Main paid for the stall, in addition brought him horses. Tim Myers still feeds a lot of exposure for the breeds, and feels it is important to continue. However, we are struggling with volunteers to man the booth/ stall and the breed demo. Please keep the dates available for next year. Andy Made motion to o commit for doing the Equine Affair next year, and pay for the stall, award volunteers for their time with a monetary stipend. Tim seconded motion, discussion followed, motion voted and passed.

Sandy Weldy contacted us via email; we have 2 applications for Youth Rep. Emilie Edwards and Nicole MitchelL Both young ladies have done a great job in previous years. (Application and photos were passed around for members to review) (voting took place later in the meeting) Voting took place with a show of hands. Emilie Edwards was awarded the Youth Bep for 2008.

State Fair:

Al brought our concerns about the lack of the hospitality room. Discussion followed: group would like to have a hospitality "stall" to be near the members showing at the fair. Angie Borck volunteered to have the stall and do a sign-up sheet via the internet for anyone interested in bring snacks, water, lunch supplies etc. An entry will be made for a Stallion Foal "Dexter and then scratched. This way we can have the stall as a hospitality stall for our group and everyone will know it is close to the other members of OBSCA at the fair. Mar Dodds made motion for $50 toward the "unofficial" Halter stallion foal Dexter. Motion voted and carried. Tim Myers on the Ohio State Fair entries: the changes we have proposed have been done. We paid the Ohio State Fair 8200 for classes. Tim is still discussing other issues with the fair reps, the ticket sponsorships should be taken care of.

Tim Myers info:

Tim had commentary on vaccinations for show/sales etc. Tim told story about transporting a mare for the National Clydesdale sale, the mare was sick and brought an "infection" into his barn. Tim and Mary lost a foal due to this "infection" and are continuing to battle the infection with other horses. The bottom line is please vaccinate your horses and keep them updated on their shots. Tim has petitioned the National Clydesdale sale committee to require all sale horses and in-transit horses to be vaccinated and show proof of such vaccines. Meeting called for adjournment by Andy seconded by Tim Myers

Respectfully submitted, Angie Borck