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ORCSA General Membership Meeting and Summer Picnic- June 6, 2010 held at Myron and Eleanor Knapp's farm - Rochester, Ohio

President Al Sidell brought the meeting to order at 1:55 pm and thanked Myron and Eleanor for hosting the picnic this year. He also introduced Karin Schamber, our newest member from Livonia, MI and asked her to say a little something about herself. She stated that she had met Andy, Daryl, Norm and Anita at the National Clydesdale Sale in April at Springfield, Illinois and was invited to come to our meeting and picnic and maybe join our organization, since she is thinking about and looking at draft horses for her new adventure.

Al called for the reading of the minutes of the last membership meeting and since everyone had received the minutes through the mail, Andy made a motion to bypass the reading of the minutes with Mark seconding the motion and the motion passed. Next item was the Financial Report, but since Brenda was not here, Al reviewed the report and noted that as of 5/22/10, we had a balance in our checking account of $1823.38, and that we currently having 33 memberships. We still have some trophy sponsorships that need to be paid for, plus the Chinese Auction today brought in $135.00. Al asked for bills for the picnic and Eleanor said she would forward the receipts to the secretary. Al introduced Brandon Knapp, our web master, who had his yearly bill for managing the web site. He gave the bill to the secretary. Al turned the meeting over to Brandon for a report on the site. He stated that we average about 27 hits a day and about 1000 per month. The bill break down consists of $15 for registration of the site, $100 for Brandon's work and $107.46 for the hosting site. This bill cover from June 2009 to June 2010 and came to a total of $222.46. A motion was made by Steve and seconded by Daryl to pay this bill. Motion passed. He would still like to have more members to have their link on the site.

Discussion on the interest and interest nationally, and why the site is a good source to advertise and promote our breeds. Anita will have a bill for new Tee shirts, which have our logo on them. We have Ball Caps for $8.00, Tee shirts for $15.00 and Sweatshirts for $25.00. Tim Myers has a contact for making our Logo Decals for $30.00, that fit your trucks or trailers, plus bumper stickers for $2.50. They look great and everyone "should" have one!

Al made the Call for New Business:

He asked for applications for nominations for our 2010 Youth Representative. William Muller would like to represent us again and since we had no other applicants, William will be our 2010 Youth Representative. Lynn asked if we needed more sponsorships for this year's trophies for the Ohio State Fair, and Anita read the list of open sponsorships, stating that they cost $25.00 which includes 2 one day passes and a parking pass. Mark Main, Andy Kavalauskas's sister, the Mullers, Steve and Todd purchased sponsorships at the picnic today. The classes that don't have a sponsor will be sponsored by ORCSA. The Amercian Shire Association will sponsor, the Grand Champion Shire Stallion, Mare and Gelding this year. There will be a new Tandem class, Pleasure Driving Class and Reinmanship Class for the Shires only, for this year. The Ohio State Fair has online entries that our members need to look at if planning to show at the State Fair. Also, Todd and Emily stated that there will be a new open class for Shires and Clydesdales -Draft Horse Under Saddle for Walk, Trot and Canter. We will not give out trophies for the Halter Classes, except Grand Champion Clydesdale Stallion, Mare and Gelding.

Next agenda covered was "The Draft Horse Journal" ad, which had been discussed at length, at our recent Executive Board meeting. The Board decided to stay with what we presently have, due to the large jump in price for increasing the size and/ or going to color. Our site has a link for our membership listings, that includes names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses or what ever was sent to Anita or Brandon for the updating of the site. Any changes, additions or corrections should go to Anita, who will forward them to Brandon. Al asked if we'd like to have a photo by each officer listed on the site and it was decided that we might consider a group picture of our officers. This was tabled for the present time.

Our next General Membership Meeting will be held at the Ohio State Fair on Friday (August 6) at 10:00 in the horse stall building.

We will try to have a few outings throughout the year with the Fall outing to be held at the Sidell's again. Our 2011 Picnic will be held at Mark Main's home, near Bowling Green. More information on the picnic will come prior to next summer. Al asked if anyone had viewed the Canadian Equine Draft Horse Drill Team on "You-tube". This would be a great accomplishment for our group but it would take a lot of time and dedication to pull this off. Anita talked a little on this and then we viewed the video on the computer display screen. We later viewed a DVD on Equine Dentistry, as part of our clinic agenda after the meeting adjourned. Al called for other items to discuss. Anita asked for volunteers for our committee sign-up sheet for the current and upcoming year. In the last newsletter, the membership listing was included, and Anita asked if there were any changes or corrections that were needed, to let her know. Al asked everyone to consider nominations for officers for 2011, which will be taken at the Ohio State Fair meeting in August. We will be taking nominations for President, Treasurer, Secretary and Clydesdale Trustee. The Secretary and Treasurer positions need to be voted on each year, as stated in the By-Laws. Angie asked if we still want to have our own Hospitality Stall at the OSF and if so, the Borcks will get an extra stall which we can set up for the hospitality room for our exhibitors. Angie will over see this during our fair days. The meeting adjourned at 2:35 pm.

****Please look at the enclosed "Committee Sign-up Sheet" and volunteer to help out. Getting involved with these committees will be greatly appreciated and also a good way to meet and get to know your active members. Let Anita know if you can serve on any of the committees****

Respectfully submitted,