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ORCSA General Membership & Summer Picnic Meeting Minutes June 3, 2012 held at the Guiher Farm - Berlin Heights, OH

President Andy called the meeting to order at 3:10 pm and welcomed our members, guests and new members. He also thanked Norm and Anita Guiher for hosting this year's picnic and meeting.

Andy called for the Reading of the Minutes of the last meeting and since all members received the minutes in the mail, a motion was made by Daryl Jones and seconded by Al Sidell to by pas the reading of minutes. Motion passed.

Andy called for the Treasurer's Report: Brenda reported that as of today, we have a balance of $1450.62 in our checking account. Anita presented bills for Tee-shirts, sewing of the ORCSA logo on the shirts plus the sash for our 2012 Youth Representative, which totaled $97.23. A motion was made by Mark Dodds to pay for these bills, Daryl Jones seconded the motion and motion passed. Anita and Norm donated the expenses for the picnic.

Anita asked for everyone to sign the sign-in sheet and to also look over the committee sheet and asked for help for some of the committees.

Since Tim Myers and Todd Riedell were not here for a report on the Ohio State Fair, Andy suggested to contact Tim or Todd for information or any questions. Al Sidell was told by Tim, that there are no changes since our last meeting and the classes and premiums for the Fair are listed on the Fair's web site, as is the deadline for entries.

Since we are not supporting the Hospitality Room anymore, the Clydesdale and Shire exhibitors will probably set up something for themselves in a stall so they will have a spot to sit down, take a break and grab a bit to eat.

The Governor's Cup Class will be Thursday. All the trophies have been paid for, and Brenda, Dixie Golliday and Mary Myers will work on getting them and then delivered to the engraver. The Ohio State Fair Horse Office has offered to get trophies but, since we pay for them, we feel we should continue to furnish the trophies.

Andy stated that we have some ORCSA T-shirts, sweatshirts and caps to sell for our fond raiser and to take a look at them before leaving today. We also will take orders for decals and bumper stickers.

We had talked at our last meeting, about having a Youth and Beginners Clinic sometime, and Al was to look into this. Al offered to do something today while here, if we had the interest. So we will move to the into arena after we finish the meeting and work on harnessing and fitting a horse to the cart.

Andy asked for a possible host for our Fall Outing. We will continue to work on this and address this at the next meeting. Please let Andy or any officer know, if you would like to host an event for ORCSA.

Next, Andy asked our nominee for our 2012 Youth Rep, Taylor Maggard, to talk to us about her self and her activities. She said she has been involved with horses since she was 6 and her favorite horse is "Star" and the Ohio State Fair is her favorite fair. She has been involved in cart, team and showmanship classes in the past. We called for any other possible applicants and since we have none, we voted to have Taylor represent ORCSA for 2012. Loren Damschroder talked a little bit about appropriate dress for our Representative when at the shows. We presented her with the 2012 Sash, and Brenda said she will mail her the tiara. Congratulation to Taylor and we wish her a fun filled year.

In the Call for Old Business, Brandon Knapp, our web master, presented his yearly bill, which totaled $274.90 ($17.90 for the ORCSA name, $107 for the host and $150 for his work). A motion was made by Al Sidell to continue our site and to pay Brandon, and Loren Damschroder seconded the motion. Motion passed.

A Call for New Business was made: none was brought forth.

Andy wanted to again welcome our new members, Darrel Shick and his family and had them introduce themselves. Brandon Knapp introduced his girlfriend, Robin. A call for adjournment was made with Al making the motion and Loren seconding the motion. Meeting adjourned at 2:50pm.

The Chinese Auction was conducted immediately after the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,