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June 12, 2005
General Membership Annual Summer Picnic Minutes
held at Al & Maria Sidell's home

President Al Sidell called the meeting to order at 2:10 pm. A call for the reading of the last membership meeting minutes was made and since everyone had received the minutes in the mail, it was decided to forego the reading of these minutes. Minutes stand.

Brenda gave the Treasurer's Report next and handed out copies of the report for all attending today. There is a balance of $1308.05 as of today. Anita gave Brenda receipts for expenses of the last newsletter. Upcoming bill for trophies for Ohio State Fair will be discussed later as well as the website expense.

Call for old business was made. Anita reported that our logo trademark is registered with the State of Ohio and that we also have a State of Ohio Vender's license for sales tax collections. Our logo embroidery disks have been given to Marti Baker, Deb Bechstein and Deb Foote for embroidery work. Any one wanting to order shirts or caps should contact Anita or Brenda for information.

By-Law Change which pertained to voting explanation was covered next. Of the 80 ballots sent out to the membership, 13 ballots were returned and all voted in favor of the proposed change, which entitles a "single" membership one vote and "family/farm" membership two votes on any matters or issues of the organization.

Equine Affaire held this past April in Columbus, Ohio went very well. Big Thanks for Andy and Daryl for making and donating a beautiful oak display sign for ORCSA which shows numerous beautiful photos of Clydes and Shires. This sign will be available for all our functions. Al thanked Andy and Daryl on behalf of our members and a round of applause was given to both Andy and Daryl for all their efforts on this project. Also thank you to everyone who either brought horses and or worked at the Equine Affaire.

Al called for any more old business. No further old business was addressed. Next, Al called for new business. At this time Sandy Weldy reported on the 2005 Youth Representative and that up to this day, no one had sent in any applications for our Youth Rep. Our guidelines state that the minimum age is 12 at the start of the new year. We do have someone younger (11 and 1A ) interested in doing this job. Discussion followed on this and it was decided to waiver the age guideline in lieu of not having a Rep for this year. Sandy and Kory Weldy's niece is interested and understands the requirements of the job. She was here at the picnic to be interviewed. Emilee KayAnn Edwards was introduced, and she read her application. She is from West Jefferson, Ohio and will be available to go to as many shows as possible. She will also be helping out with the Weldys' horses throughout the year. A vote was taken to have Emilee be our 2005 Youth Rep and all voted in favor. At this time, Al thanked Arnanda Summers for being our 2004 Rep. And welcomed Emilee as our 2005 Youth Representative. Emilee was presented with the sash and it was noted that the Weldys donated this year's tiera. The Ohio State Fair Trophies and Sponsors were discussed next. Theresa Shivery, who is in charge of this project, but unable to be here, sent word that all classes are covered except 5-3 Shire halter classes and 2 Clydesdale halter classes. Classes open are Junior and Senior Shire Stallion and Junior Shire Mare as well as Best American Bred Clydesdale Mare and Best American Bred Clydesdale Stallion. The cost for a sponsorship is $45 and if anyone is interested to notify Brenda, Theresa, Al or Anita for information.

The Ohio State Fair Hospitality Room will be over seen by Linda and Daniel Walker. Friday (August 12) is the day that we are responsible for the room for exhibitors. In the past, the Belgian and Percheron folks have leftovers and leave them for us to use up. Anyone coming to the fair should consider helping Linda and Dan with monitoring the room for the day. Help will be appreciated for sure.

Our Fun Event set for September 17 and 18 will be at Norm and Anita Guiher's Clearview Stables near Berlin Heights, Ohio. This will be a camp out, Fun Show and Wagon Train Drive/Ride - a whole weekend filled with fun and activities. You are invited to come Friday night to set up your camp site. Saturday morning will be the start of the Fun Show, with a break for lunch at noon and then start up again with the show for the afternoon. Saturday night will feature a pot luck meal with Al cooking a "hobo" stew over an open fire and everyone contributing a dish to share. After dinner, we will have a speaker to entertain us. On Sunday, we will start out with a community breakfast, an informal church service and then we will hitch up or saddle up and drive the back roads to Anita's family farm homestead for a picnic lunch (bring your own picnic basket), then drive back to Clearview, break up camp and head for home. Al will be making up a flyer for the newsletter and handout. The classes for the show might include the following:

Youth and Adult Showmanship Classes, Youth Cart driving pattern, Team Class hooked to whatever, Decorating Classes - seniors and youth, Custume Class, Riding Class - English, Western or bareback, Potato Race, Obstacle Course - team and cart, Human Obstacle Class, Ribbon Riding Class, Harness the Horse Class with team members, Tug of War with a Single Horse Class. We will also have a Premiere People's Choice Award for the best teamster of the weekend. Horses can be borrowed - anything can be borrowed! We will have a "participation fee" which will be a one time fee of $5.00 for all or any one of a family. We will need some donated door prizes - 2 per class with a draw out of a hat for any one participating in the class, whether you won the class or not. We will have ribbons for classes. Richard Forthofer and Jerry Eaton will oversee the awards for the show. If you have any thing you want to donate or wish to help out, contact Richard or Jerry. Al, Norm and Anita will wok on setups for these classes. The Guihers have some wagons and carts to use if you don't want to haul all this stuff. Don't stay at home if you don't have something or a horse to hook up. Members and their guests are all welcome. If you know of any one who owns a Shire or Clyde, invite them to join us for the weekend. We are trying to "show the world" that we are here and are trying to do some fun things together as an organization.

Guihers will not have stalls available, but there will be some turn out areas for your horses. Horses will need to be tied to trailers. If weather is not co-operative, there is a large indoor arena for us to use for our classes.

A call for further new business was made. Anita noted that any members who have horses or other items for sale or announcements should send these ads to Anita so that they can be put in the newsletters.

Brandon Knapp spoke on our website. He is requesting more farms to participate by putting their information and photos on the site. Brandon has monitored our site for the past year now and has an invoice to submit to Brenda for payment. The site, has information on members, events and show dates, plus ORCSA forms along with a short history of the organization. Al asked for a motion to pay Brandon the $175.00 for the 2004 website monitoring. Kory Weldy made the motion and Tim Dyer seconded the motion. It was noted by Kory that our site has only 6 farms and it is a great way to advertize what you have, whether it is a carriage business, horses for sale or stallion service for mares. People today use the internet and this is a cheap way to communicate with them. Kory encouraged everyone to use this site, and he also wanted to "thank" Brandon for a very good job. This was followed by a round of applause for Brandon.

Andy was asked to report on the Social Committee, but since we are planning the Fun Show/Wagon Drive in September, Andy felt that we should bypass this year's return to Carriage Hill Farm and concentrate on the Fun Show/Wagon Drive Weekend.

Al announced that we have some new members - Bill and Pat Howe, Tabetha Ronfeldt, Terry Ottelin and Lane and Martha Damschroder. Although they are not here today, we wish to encourage them to get involved and join us at our future events. He would like any one who sees them to invite them to come and join in. We are hoping to encourage new memberships and continue to grow.

Al congratulated Sam and Angie Borck on their recent marriage and also we are glad to have Brenda and Loren Damschroder amongst us too, after all that they both have had to endure this past year.

We then returned to the motion to pay Brandon for the website management. A vote was taken and all voted in favor. Motion passed.

Al passed around our new ORCSA brochure designed by Maria Sidell. We handed these out at the Equine Affaire and will continue to use them for promoting ORCSA.

Al asked for volunteers to host next year's picnic. Sam and Angie Borck offered to have the picnic at their home, near Delta, Ohio in 2006. The date will be decided later. An attendance sheet was passed for members to sign.

Al called for a motion to adjourn. Richard Forthofer made a motion to adjourn, Daniel Walker seconded. Meeting adjourned at 3:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Anita L. Guiher ORCSA Secretary