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ORCSA Summer Picnic, June 10,2007- held at Storm Ridge Farm - home of Sam and Angie Borck near Delta, Ohio

President Al Sidell called the meeting to order at 1:40 pm. While a sign- hi sheet was passed, the Secretary read the minutes of the last General Membership meeting from March 10, 2007: a motion was made and seconded to accept the minutes as read. Minutes stand as read. The Treasurer was unable to attend today's meeting and sent a report for Al to read. A copy of this report is attached to these minutes. We have a balance, as of this date, of $3406.65, which includes a check for $978 from the defunct Ohio Exposition All Draft Horse Breed Show for one third the balance of the remainder of the money in that show's accounts. The amount of money was divided equally for the 3 major supporting associations - Ohio Belgian, Ohio Percheron and Ohio Regional Clydesdale and Shire Associations. Al called for any bills outstanding. Brandon Knapp, our Webmaster, presented a bill for the year of $ 115 for his services. Angie presented a bill for the meats for our picnic. Kory Weldy made a motion to pay the bill for the Webmaster, Dan Walker seconded and the motion passed. Al thanked Sam and Angie for hosting our picnic for the second year in a row. Al welcomed our new members, the Mitchell Family from Shelby, Ohio and also the Muller Family from Avon Lake, Ohio. Al told our new members that this group is about good food and fun! Next thank you went to Mark Main for his donation of the cost of ORCSA's stall at this year's Equine Affaire held in Columbus in April.. Al called for committee Reports: Sandy Weldy reported on our Youth Representative and stated that she had received 3 applications, but one did retract her application. This was graduation day for one applicant, Ahlisha Kephardt, from Poland, Ohio and therefore, she was not here today to present herself. She had stated that she owned a Shire gelding and would love to represent our group. The last applicant was Nicole Mitchell from Shelby, Ohio. The Weldy's have donated the crown in the past and Sharon McCord will sew the new sash. Sandy will send the crown and sash to our new Representative after Sharon finishes the sash. Next to speak was Nicole Mitchell, after Sandy introduced her to us. Nicole is 15 years old and has a Clydesdale, and I will include her resume in the newsletter and also on the website. Sandy then explained the responsibilities and stipend ($100 to help the Rep with expenses) for attending the fairs and shows. Sharon had kept a record and the phone numbers of all the shows that Emilee Edwards had attended and will share them with our new representative. Al called for a vote by raising of the hand and it was voted to select Nicole Mitchell as our 2007 Youth Representative. Tim Myers gave his report on the Ohio State Fair and stated that he had managed to get the cart class description changed and also that the stallion and youth issues will be covered in this year's book. Tun said there are general rules covering "proper" attire for the show but that we can have our own rules, in addition, if we decide to do so, but that OSF will not adopt our rules into their book. Tim asked for input and help for nominations of judges. We need to submit some names that our association would like to see as our halter and hitch judges. A question was asked if there is a list of qualified judges to select from and Tim stated that there is no such list and that usually it would be someone who is involved with draft horses, either a breeder or exhibitor of the other draft breeds. The Cart Class changes are Lady to drive any gender horse and Gentleman to drive any gender horse and a Mare Cart Class with either a man or lady to drive. There will be more under saddle classes for the other draft horses, but there are no more for the Clydesdales and Shires. Deadline for entry for the Ohio State Fair is July 7. It was noted by Mark Dodds that riding draft horses has become very popular and has a lot of interest with the public. We need to bring our concerns and questions to the All Draft Horse Meeting at OSF grounds in December, in regards to these classes and changes.

Al took time to congratulate and introduce our 2007 Youth Representative and welcomed her into that position.

The OSF trophy sponsorship report was given by Anita for Theresa Shively. We still, as of today, have 10 classes open and if anyone would be interested in sponsoring a class, which costs $30 and includes 2 one day passes and a parking pass, should stop after this meeting is over and talk to Anita. A discussion followed whether we, ORCSA, have sponsored any classes in the past. Since we have extra money from the Ohio Expo show, we could sponsor a class or two. Al returned to our expenses for this picnic and Angie presented a bill for the meat ($50.81) and, Al asked for a motion to pay for this expense. Tim Myers made the motion, Becky Buffington seconded this motion and the motion passed.

Al called for the Social Committee Report and Andy Kavalouskas and Al asked if we will have our annual Fall outing at the Guiher's farm. Norm Guiher answered that he didn't see why not. A date will be picked soon and the members will be notified as soon as possible. Next, Brandon Knapp reported that our website has a few more family listings and that he'd be happy to help anyone set theirs up. Information will be on the site for our events as they are planned and given to him.

Our next meeting will be at the Ohio State Fair grounds on August 10 (Friday) at 9:30 am. We will have more information on the Fall Outing then.

Al next wanted to talk about our dues, which seems to be a problem, getting in to the Treasurer by January 1 for the upcoming year. We have a lot of members who forget to get their dues in and it takes until the picnic meeting to get everyone up to date. Discussion followed on how to handle this. Since we don't have any thing stated in the By-Laws, we might consider using the picnic date as the target tune. Sandy Weldy made a motion to move our dues to be payable by the picnic date and Richard Forthofer seconded this motion, but further discussion followed. Trophy money is our main expense and by having the dues later in the year will cause problems for paying for these trophies and having them in time for the fair. Sandy then retracted her motion for now. This will be an open item for future discussion.

Al explained that the Ohio Exposition All Draft Horse Show had been cancelled because of not enough help in getting it off the ground for this year. Hopefully it will be back for next year. Al reported that there is a new show sponsored by the Ohio Buckeye Draft Horse Association on August 24-26 in Wilmington, Ohio at the Roberts Arena. Contact Tina Whitacre at 513-374- 3727 for information. This is a Point Series Show for the Classic Six Horse Series Competition. Kory Weldy reported that there is an Open Show on July 14 at the Madison County Fair to be in front of the grandstand. There will be pre-entry requirement by July 8. Contact Sandy or Kory for more information at 614-877-1212.

Al announced that there will be a World Clydesdale Show on October 12-14 in Madison, WI. Check the internet for information on this show or contact the Clydesdale Breeders of the USA.

A call for Old Business was made:

Maria Sidell reported on the Equine Affaire and asked if we wanted to continue participating at this event. She reported that it was better this year than any in the past. After a discussion, it was decided to go again, that we want lights on the stall for next year and that we want to be in the same area of stalls as this year's stall location. Tim Myers made a motion to participate in the Equine Affaire for 2008, Andy Kavalouskas seconded the motion and the motion passes. Maria stated that we will need help to "man" the stall while we are there. Mark Main said that he'd pay for the stall again and also for a 2nd one if we can put a mare and foal hi the second stall for display. Al, on behalf of ORCSA, thanked Mark for his offer and we will be looking for someone in our group, to bring in a mare and foal.

Al also thanked Angie's mother and father for helping with our picnic for the second year. Kory Weldy noted that we have a nice picture display setup now and he'd like to see our members' pictures on this display instead of strangers, as it is now. Also, Kory would like to have business cards from our membership to display on a large map of Ohio and surrounding states to show off where our members are located. This would make a very interesting display item and he would like everyone to forward a card to him for this purpose.

If you have a farm card or business card send it to:

Kory Weldy
7856 Harrisburg-London Rd.
Orient, OH 43146

Al asked if we were ready for the Chinese Auction and Andy Kavalouskas motioned to adjourn with Tim Myers seconding the motion. Meeting adjourned at 2:40 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Anita L Guiher Secretary ORCSA