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ORCSA General Membership Summer Picnic Meeting, May 21, 2006
held at Sam and Angie Borck's farm near Delta, Ohio

President Al Sidell called the meeting to order at 2:00pm. A sign -in sheet was passed for members attending today, as well as two Get Well cards for Daryl Jones, who recently had back surgery. A sign- up sheet for committees was also passed. Al thanked Sam and Angie for hosting our picnic this year.

Next, the Minutes of the February "Fun" Meeting were read by the Secretary and approved as read. A Call for the Treasurer's Report was made and Brenda Damschroder reported that as of today, our balance in the checking account was $1498.66. No outstanding bills at the present time, except for today's expenses. Angie and Sam stated that they were donating the meat for our picnic. Al thanked them for their donation and generosity.

Theresa Hall Shively is in charge of our Ohio State Fair trophy sponsorships, and since she was not here today and based on her report at the February meeting, our sponsorships were in good shape. She had planned to ask the American Shire Association to sponsor a few more classes since this would be their National Show location this year. A motion was requested to accept the Treasurer's Report with Dick Forthofer making the motion and Andy Kavalauskas seconding the motion. Motion passed.

Before we started the call for Old Business, Al wanted to wish Daryl Jones a speedy recovery from her surgery and also to give best wishes for a successful upcoming surgery to Marcella Eaton.

Call for Old Business:

Al asked for a report on the April 2006 Equine Affaire event from Maria Sidell. She felt it went well, even though we didn't have the stall that we were originally told we'd have, but she felt the location turned out good for exposure to the public. She said all our members' horses looked good in our display stall. A discussion followed on how the stall looked and the need for a better sign to show off our organization. Also, brought up, was a possibility of having a map of Ohio with our memberships' business/farm cards pinned on it. Maria wished to thank all our members who helped make this event come off so well with a special "thank you" to Robyn Becher, Tun Myers, Marcella and Jerry Eaton and Kory Weldy, Doc and Sally Hurt, for bringing their horses to display over the four days. Due to the expense of going to this event, Maria asked to think about ideas for next year and the need for more volunteers to "man" the stall/display for the Equine Affaire duration.

Al noted that Deb Bechstein, a past president/member, has been recognized for having two Clydedale mares , over the past few years, give birth to twins, who have survived.

Tim Myers reported that he did get the class changes done for this year's Ohio State Fair. Don Langile will be our Hitch Judge. There was a lot of confusion over this. Travis Fox will be the Clydesdale Halter Judge. Tim reported he tried to get the cart classes together and the riding classes together, but did not get this accomplished for this year. As this year's State Fair proceeds, any concerns should be brought to Tim so that he can try to resolve the difficulties as soon as possible, if he is able. The youth/stallion class issue has been taken care of and changed as we had requested. Al thanked Tim for all his work on the OSF Show.

Doc Hurt noted that our Ohio State Fair will be the Shires' National Show for this year.

Call for New Business:

The Ohio Exposition Draft Horse Show will be in Hillard, Ohio during June 23,24 and 25 at the Franklin County Fairgrounds. As in the past, we have sponsored a class or two, and we need to decide if we want to put some money toward sponsoring a class. Last year we donated $175.00 toward this show. This year they are having a Reverse Raffle, which costs $50.00 per ticket, which enables 11 chances to win a Top Prize of $3000.00. This drawing be done on June 24 at 7:00pm.. Discussion followed on this. Kory Weldy made a motion to sponsor $100 for a class and an additional $50 toward a Reverse Raffle ticket. Andy Kavalaouskas seconded and the motion passed. Doc Hurt then asked if our budget could cover this cost. Brenda reported that our trophies will cost about $800.00 and that Theresa had already bought some items for trophies. Al will contact Theresa to verify the trophy sponsorship. Maria asked about the Hospitality Room at the OSF. It was noted that Dan and Linda Walker volunteered to oversee the Room for 2006. Al will call them to make sure they still plan to do this and also what they plan to furnish, in regards to food.

The next item to cover was the election of our 2006 Youth Representative. Sandy Weldy, Chairperson of the Youth Rep. Committee, reported that we had 2 candidates for this year. Sandy showed us the new crown and also the sash, which Sharon McCord made. It was decided to embroider O.C.R.S. A on the sash, which generates questions and gives the Rep a chance to talk about our Ohio Regional Clydesdale and Shire Association. Sandy reported that F-mil^ our 2005 Youth Rep, had gone to 18 different shows last year and met lots of people and felt Emilee had done an exceptional job representing our organization. Sandy read Nicole Mitchell's application, a granddaughter of Mr and Mrs Robert Harvey, members from Shelby, Ohio. Emilee Edwards read her application to us and also stated that she would like to be our Rep again. Al then asked her to leave the area and a discussion followed on our candidates. After a lengthy discussion, a vote was taken and Emilee Edwards was voted to be our 2006 Youth Representative. Sandy will write a letter to Nicole Mitchell thanking her for her application and interest in representing ORCSA. Sandy will invite Nicole to come to the Ohio Expo and OSF to assist us at these shows. Al then presented Emilee with her 2006 crown and sash.

Another item covered was our Fall Outing for this year. The Guihers have offered then- farm and facilities, near Berlin Heights, Ohio, to host this year's Second Annual event. Discussion followed and it was decided to have it on the weekend of September 29, 30 and October 1. Kory Weldy noted that even if you can't make the whole weekend, plan to come for even a day or part of a day and have a great time. Al Sidell, Anita Guiher and Brenda Damschroder will be our committee for planning this event. A request was made to see if anyone had a mosquito net tent, so that we could use it for our food during meal times to help ward off the flies and bugs. Maria Sidell introduced our newest member, Becky Buffington. We are glad to have another member!

Al asked if anyone would like to volunteer to host our 2007 Summer Picnic. Please consider this if you'd like to have us "invade" you and enjoy our selves at your place! Brandon Knapp, our Webmaster, was asked to report on the Website. He asked for new ideas and comments and to let him know if you have any changes to your links. He will send Brenda an invoice for this years' service and work. He also asked for more members to submit their farms for links, so that the site can continue to grow. He'd like to see us expand the site. The cost is $10 for your written information and $1 per photo. Kory reported a very positive effect of using our website by promoting our horses and businesses.

Al asked Emilee to draw tickets for our Chinese Auction. Brenda make a last call for anyone to purchase their tickets before the drawings started.

Al thanked Jody Dellaria and Pauline Eaton for bringing their "Horsey" items to sell and invited everyone here to visit our "store" to see what we had for sale. Jody proceeded to explain what they are doing and that a portion of all the sales will go to ORCSA. They will take orders on any present items or work with you for special orders. Call them at 419-929-8401 or, if you'd like to talk with them about their designs and products. Angie thanked everyone for coming and gave a special "thank you" to her folks for all their help in getting the farm ready for the picnic.

Al called for a motion to adjourn; Dick Forthofer moved to adjourn the meeting, Doc Hurt seconded the motion and the meeting adjourned at 3:15pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Anita L Guiher Secretary ORCSA