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ORCSA Picnic and General Membership Meeting - May 15, 2011, noon at Mark Main's farm, Bowling Green, Ohio

President Andy Kavalouskas called the meeting to order at 2:00pm. He gave a big "Thank You" to Mark Main for hosting this year's picnic and, we all gave Mark a big applause. Next Andy called for the Minutes, and since they had been sent out in the last newsletter, Tim Myers made a motion to forego reading of the minutes, and Al Sidell seconded the motion. Motion passed. A call for the Treasurer's Report was made. Treasurer Brenda had put copies of the report on the tables at the start of the meeting and now asked if there were questions. Al Sidell asked about the entry for the State of Ohio, and Anita, secretary, explained it was for the renewal of our Certificate for the Nonprofit Organization, which is done every 5 years. Al also asked about the NSF item and Brenda said it was for fees for checks sent to her that had insufficient funds. Andy also explained the entry with his name and that he had paid for a new member, after her check had been misplaced, but later found, and that this was a reimbursement to him for that situation.

A call for Committee Reports was made and Tim Myers gave a recap on the 2011 Equine Affaire. Tim and Mary Myers and Lynn, Mary and Will Muller had brought two geldings for the display stall. Our display/stall looked great and, Andy said the members who helped all enjoyed themselves and thanked them for their participation. Tim and Mary brought their 6 horse hitch and show wagon for Saturday's breed demo and Midway display. The hitch being out in the midway attracted a lot of onlookers who enjoyed watching the Myers' preparing and hitching up the six. Mullers and Myers than took their horses into the Coliseum for the breed demo. Tim stated that our Equine Affaire contact, Deb Putman did a great job getting ORCSA ok'd for having the hitch on display on the midway. Anita will send an email to Deb and thank her for all her efforts and help. Lynn asked Tim for a copy of the narrative used in the breed demo for handouts for future events. Discussion on keeping us involved with Equine Affaire followed next and it was decided that we would continue being a part of Equine Affaire. Andy again thanked everyone who helped and stated that Daryl Jones took pictures of the midway area from the rooftop of the barn and hopefully will get some to Brandon for the website.

Trophy Sponsorships are still needed for 4 classes, as reported by Brenda. Andy stated that he would take one for a friend, so we need only 3 more sponsors. The Ways and Means report was given by Anita, who stated that we have caps, T-shirts and sweatshirts with our ORCSA logo for sale and also will take orders. If you have sometime already, we can have the logo sewn onto it for the cost of the sewing. Contact Anita if you are wanting anything. Also, in the last newsletter, Anita had put a survey sheet in asking for input from the membership on various ideas. She received 2 back with some potential ideas that will be discussed at our next Board meeting.

Tim Myers reported that the Ohio State Fair class changes had been submitted and that he had not seen anything yet on paper in this regard. We had also submitted the extra $200 for additional pay outs. Andy thanked Tun for all his efforts. He also asked for ideas for fund raising and said ideas can be submitted at anytime.

Membership status was given by Anita, who stated that we have 2 new members and a couple more renewals. She encouraged us to talk to new horse folks and invite them to join us, even if they might not have any horses yet. Also we need to talk to past members and invite them to renew their membership.

Brandon Knapp, who manages our Web site, was at this meeting and stated that he would be happy to work with any one on setting up their link. Andy would like to encourage the members to use this site and that Brandon is more that happy to help. Brandon submitted his yearly bill for $274.40, which he broken down and explained the costs. Daryl Jones made a motion to pay this bill, Lynn Muller seconded the motion, and the motion passed. Andy thanked Brandon for his work with the site and appreciated all his efforts to keep it updated.

Next item covered was the selection of our 2011 Youth Representative. Tun Myer's niece, Aneese Hay had submitted her application and was hi attendance today. She is a freshman in High School and like to play basketball and track. She also helps Tim and Mary with their hitch at shows, parades and other functions. We had no other nominations, so a vote was taken and Aneese will represent ORCSA for 2011. Andy then asked Will Muller, who has been our Youth Representative for the past 2 years, to report on his activities. A sash and tiera will be presented to Aneese soon, for her use while representing ORCSA for the year.

Andy asked Al Sidell about communications with local news media and, Al reported that he did contact "The Horseman's Corral". But the lady he needed to talk with was not there and that he would need to look into this further in the future. Anita will submit an article to the "Lead Horse", newsletter for the Clydesdale Breeders of the USA, after today's meeting. It is ready to be emailed to the secretary, Cathy Behn and hopefully, will be put in the next newsletter.

A Call for Old Business was next on the agenda. Andy said that we had voted to pay Maria Sidell $50 toward her motel bill for taking care of our Equine Affaire display horse, but since she stayed with her daughter, she did not want to take the money. Andy would like to add $50 to that first $50 and give it to Tim and Mary, as a token, for their expenses in bringing their horses. Andy made this motion and Brenda seconded the motion. Motion passed. Andy said he appreciates the efforts our members make to make Equine Affaire a success for our organization and is glad that everyone who helps also has a good time together. But he would like to see more members involved and bring more horses for the breed demo next year so it can be bigger and better.

Next was a Call for New Business. After some discussion on Equine Affaire for 2012, Daryl made a motion to continue our participation with Equine Affaire. Mark Main seconded the motion and the motion passed. Maria stated that she would continue helping out by being the "go between" with the Equine Affaire ShowOffice. Andy said that there is no better place to promote and educate the public on the qualities and benefits of owning and working with our breeds of draft horses - the Shires and Clydesdales. He feels it is worth all the work and efforts put forth.

The Ohio State Fair hospitality stall was discussed next. We need to remind Ron Mack, show liaison, about putting our members together in the barn. Anita will put a request in the newsletter for members to help out by donating money or food for our hospitality stall. This stall helps our exhibitors have a place to take a break and sit down for a few minutes and enjoy a bite to eat and drink. Tun and Mary stated that they do appreciate all the help and support that they receive while they are exhibiting there.

Andy asked for suggestions for a place for our Fall Outing and also for any possible hosts for next year's picnic. We will talk about this at our next meeting, which is at the Ohio State Fair on Friday, August 5 at 9:00am.

Andy talked about the Ohio Scottish Games on June 25 at the Lorain County Fairgrounds in Wellington, Ohio. Mullers and Guihers will have horses there on display. Tim and Mary offered to bring their hitch and Dixie Golliday stated she might be able to bring a horse. Anita will check on this and get back to Tim and Dixie if the Scottish Games Officials would like more horses. This might be something to consider for 2012, if they would want more horses.

Andy called for the end of the meeting. Tim made a motion to adjourn and Lynn seconded the motion. Meeting adjourned at 2:50pm

Respectfully submitted,

Anita L. Guiher