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April 18, 2004 Minutes of the General Membership Meeting held at Longdale Farms, Springfield, Ohio

This meeting was called to order at 2:00 pm by President Deb Bechstein. The minutes of the general membership meeting in Columbus, OH were read by the acting Sec. and accepted as read. The acting Treasurer reported that we have a balance, as of 4/18/04, of $1774.17 in our checking account. It was also reported that we have 10 single and 18 family memberships as of today. No outstanding bills reported at this time.

Deb called for a motion to accept Brenda and Anita as our acting officers of Treasurer and Secretary. Richard Forthofer made a motion to accept Brenda as our acting Treasurer, Karen Mole seconded the motion and this motion passed. Al Sidell made a motion to accept Anita as our acting Secretary, Theresa Hall Shively seconded the motion and this motion passed. By-Laws report was presented by Loren Damschroder, Vice-President. He reviewed our Boardís proposed changes. He stated that our Board of Directors have met numerous times and have done a lot of work reviewing and proposing changes to the existing By-Laws. Everyone at this meeting received the proposed changes and Loren went over the proposal. Article II, Section VI and VII deals with dissolution of organization and monies. Proposed that all monies will be divided equally and given to our two National organizations (Am. Shire Assoc and Clydesdale Breeders of the U.S.A.) if this organization is dissolved and there are monies in the account after all expenses have be paid. Article II deals with membership. Proposed to have just single and family memberships. Article IV deals with Trustees, it is proposed to remove the charter trustees. Article V, proposes to change the Secretary/Treasurer officer to Secretary and Treasurer and can not succeed themselves no more than 3 times. The Secretary will have 4 duties as defined by the By-Laws and including any other duties as requested by the President. The Treasurer will have 2 duties as defined in the By-Laws and including any other duties as requested by the President. The Treasurer will also furnish an annual report, and it will be audited by a CPA by October 15 of each year. Under Section III, Meetings and Elections, it is proposed to omit the election of the Queen by mail. We will decide by a vote at our annual picnic who the new Representative will be. A simple majority of those returning their ballots will determine the results of elections. Two thirds of ballots returned by mail will be required for constitutional changes. Article VI, Executive Board meetings, proposed that these meetings can be called with a 2 week written notice or by email at any time. Also, there will be a date on the By-Laws for any revisions to the By-Laws. A general discussion followed.

Officers will serve alternately, not all at once, as this gives no continuity to the executive board. It is recommended that the President and Treasurer serve at the same time and the Vice-President and Secretary serve their term together. New President and Treasurer to serve a 2 year term starting in 2005 and Vice-President will serve a one year term in 2005. This will allow for the officers to serve alternating terms after this year is over. The Trustees terms will remain the same, with the election of a new trustee every year. Norm Stuckey recommended that the Secretary and Treasurer not be limited to only 3 terms but could serve continuously. Reason for this would be that if both officers are good at the jobs that they should be allowed to remain in office as long as they want. The President and Vice-President will have a 3 term limit, but the Secretary and Treasurer would have no limit on the positions. Motion made by Al Sidell and seconded by Eric Broud, that we have a 3 term limit on President and Vice-President and no limit on terms of Secretary and Treasurer. The Secretary and Treasurer positions will be re-elected yearly. Discussion on this motion was held. Motion passed and no amendments were added. This motion reads as such: President and Vice-President positions will have a 3 term limit, and there will be no limit on the terms for Secretary or Treasurer, but the Secretary and Treasurer positions will need to be voted on each year.

President and Vice-President can serve alternately on odd and even years. New President for 2005, and New Vice-President elected for 2006. This will start the officers in rotation. A question was asked by Gary Shively about how to remove officers before the terms are up if the officers are not performing the duties required of the office. Discussion was held and it was decided to add to the By-Laws an addition to Article V, an addition of Section III to cover this situation. It will be stated that all the Officers and Trustees (Executive Board) sit at the pleasure of the Executive Board. Any officer not performing their duties as written by our By-Laws shall be asked by the Executive Board to step down. This was put into a motion by Gary Shively and seconded by Al Side!!. Motion passed and no further discussion was held.

A question was asked as to when our dues are required. It as stated by the Treasurer that the dues are for January to January of each year.

Loren and Brenda will rewrite the By-Laws with the new changes, and they will be sent out in the next newsletter for review and for a vote by the membership.

It has been suggested to propose an increase in our dues. The change would be from $13 to $18 for a single membership and $20 to $25 for family membership. A motion was made by Theresa Hall and Seconded by Gary Shively to increase the dues starting in 2005. Motion passed. A report on the Draft Horse Journal ad was given by Anita. An ad was sent in for the June issue. It will be a one year contract costing $190. It is a two inch ad with our logo, Deb Bechstein and her address and phone number as our contact, plus a line stating to watch for our new website in the near future issues. $100 had been donated by Dr and Mrs Richard Hurt to reestablish an ad for our organization. It was also decided to use the Chinese auction monies for the maintenance of this ad. A suggestion was made to put all the officers names on the ad. We have some idea of some of the money paid last year by our members for our ad. We want to go ahead and use this money which will be set aside for this ad before asking our members to send more money for this ad. Brandon, Myron and Eleanor Knappís grandson will talk to us at our June picnic about what he will need to set up and keep the site going. He will be doing this for our organization for whatever we decide to pay him. We will request our members to bring their information that they want for their individual farm links, so that Brandon can start work on the site. This request will be in our next newsletter.

Ways and Means report was given by Deb. She talked about ideas to make money for our group. One of the ideas was purchasing a John Deere riding lawnmower to sell raffle tickets on. Deb will work on this further and hopefully have something to report at the summer picnic. But since we have had trouble in the past selling enough tickets to cover the cost of the items raffled, we will need to come up with something that will definitely generate interest to sell the tickets. The members will need to get involved and sell the raffle tickets to make this work. Our membership needs to be willing to support our efforts.

Social Activities report was make by Andy, who wants to have our group come to the Historical Farm that he volunteers at near Dayton. He is looking at a possible date in the fall. We can bring our horses, if we want. The farm is about 1000 acres with a fishing lake, picnic areas, bridle trails and stables to rent horses, walking trails and farm tours. Lots of activities to enjoy. It is call Carriage Hill Farm and is located off 1-70 near Dayton. Dogs are permitted on leashes.

Andy will send out information once he has a date set up. We will try to do some more social activities throughout the year. This will make it more interesting for the people who donít want to show or compete with their horses at the fairs and shows. We presently have our picnic in June, an Open House for Clyde breeders at Grantsí Farm in St. Louis on June 21 and the Ohio Expo Show the end of June. We are looking into finding something for July.

The King/Queen applications are out for our young members to consider. We will vote for our Rep at the summer picnic.

Richard and Jan Forthofer will host the picnic and has invited us to come over on Saturday, if any one wants. There are a few motels and a Dinner theater near by plus the Forthoferís have offered their farm for camping. More information on this will be in the newsletter. Mariaís daughters will run the childrenís corner at the picnic while we have our short business meeting. We will need to bring items for the Chinese Auction and they donít have to be horse related. The organization will furnish the meats, paper products, drinks and port-a-pot, if needed. Maria would like to have some sort of teaching session for our picnic. Deb will talk to Mike Oxender for ideas on this request.

Our group will need to host the Hospitality Room at the Ohio State Fair on Aug. 13 (Friday). We need volunteers and Deb will ask again at the picnic for help to oversee the room. Dates for the Fair are August 9-14. Entries are due by July 7. Next year entries will be done by internet on Also noted that everything for the OSF will be done on the internet. It is noted that the Belgian and Percheron breeders have lots of leftovers for the hospitality room. so we usually donít have to contribute food, just manage it.

Theresa Hall Shively reported on the trophy sponsorships. We still have 6-8 classes that do not have sponsors. The OSF will give out 2 gate passes and parking pass for anyone who sponsors a class. It costs $40 dollars for a sponsorship. Theresa hopes to have more sponsors at the picnic. Last old item of business was the pamphlet that Andy and the Eatonís were working on for our organization last year. This pamphlet was to help promote our group and attract more members. Andy is still going forward with this project on his own. But asked for help in setting it up on a computer. We did not attend the Equine Affaire this years due to its expense and also due to the past yearís financial ordeal. The date was earlier due to Easter but will be later next year. We will try to get a sponsor for next year due to the expense of entering, if we decide to attend. This item will be tabled for the present time.

New business item brought up by Loren as a result of a conversation with Anita about possible expenses for our Rep at the county fairs. If was decided that if the Rep notifies the fair that they are to give out ribbons and trophies, the fairs usually give them a pass. It was felt that this might not be an issue. Sandy Weldy is our Chairperson for the King/Queen committee. Deb would like our Rep applicants to send in their application prior to the picnic.

We will send out the next newsletter to all old, new and present members in the hopes that we might encourage more memberships. A lot of folks do like to come to our picnic and often renew their memberships while at the picnic.

Al Sidell spoke about the Ohio Expo Show on June 25,26 and 27 at Franklin Co. Fair grounds in Hillard , OH. He asked for sponsorships for classes and handed out applications for class sponsors. He noted that there will not be any Farm Classes but will have an Amateur class (open to those who do not hire help for their horses in show). There is also a Patronage sponsorship and products can be donated from businesses for these classes. Last year ORCSA donated $175.00 for this show. Donations are due June 1. Loren made a motion to send $175.00 for the Expo show, Richard seconded and the motion passed. We will put these sponsorship forms in the newsletter also. Al also asked for volunteers to help with this show.

A discussion was held on yearly expenses and it was noted that one of the biggest expenses was postage for information to our memberships. We are looking into getting a reduced rate through an application obtained from the US post office for non-profit organizations. Brenda will look into this and send in the application. We do not have to file an annual Info form with the IRS, since we do not have funds larger than $25000. We further discussed our lack of records and accountability of money for the last year. It was decided that we should leave last year behind and go forward for now and the years ahead.

Maria asked that everyone keep track of their mileage to the picnic for a door prize to be given by Al Sidell.

Karen Mole made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Norm Stuckey. Meeting adjourned at 4:15pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Anita L. Guiher
acting Secretary ORCSA

MEETING ATTENDANCE for membership meeting at Longdale Farms-April 18, 2004

Andy Kavalauskas
Daryl Jones
Dave and Diana Long
Karen Mole and Eric Broud
Norm Stuckey
John Landers
Richard and Janice Forthofer
Maria Myers
Al Sidell
Teresa Hanko
Theresa Hall
Gary Shively
Norm and Anita Guiher
Debbie Bechstein
Loren and Brenda Damschroder