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ORCSA General Membership Meeting, March 6,2011 held at Dixie and Dwaine Golliday's farm

President Andy Kavalaouskas called the meeting to order at 3:40pm, after farrier, Mark Lucas, did an excellent presentation on founder related to draft horses. A call for the minutes to be read was made, and since they were sent out in the last newsletter, Daryl Jones made a motion to bypass the reading of those minutes. A call for the financial report was bypassed since Brenda Damschroder, our treasurer was not here, but she had followed a note to indicate, that as of 2/28/2022, the checking account had a balance of $2223.10, and that we still have 6 trophy sponsorships available for the 2011 Ohio State Fair. The last financial report was also in the last newsletter. Brenda has had 2 surgeries recently and Andy asked if we should send her something on behalf of the organization. It was decided to take up a collection today, and Andy would take care of sending something to her.

Next Andy called for Committee Reports. Tim Myers reported on the Ohio State Fair status and will check on what trophies were left over from last year. Anita will look for items that could be used for trophies, at a local church's large rummage sale coming up in April. Tim reported that Equine Affaire was coming along, and that he and Mary plan to take their 6 horse hitch for the Breed Demo, which is on Saturday this year at 3:00pm. They will have about 15 minutes in the arena. He is looking for other horses to help make up this demo. Stalls will be available that day, but he wasn't sure if they would be available for overnight. The Myers' will furnish a horse for our ORCSA Display/stall for the entire event. Maria Sidell will take care of the horse for the duration of the event until Tim and Mary get there on Saturday. Also, Tim and Mary will be displaying their horses and show wagon on the midway for the public to view prior to and after the demo. They will need extra help for this, so anyone who is there and can help, it would be appreciated. Anyone who also wants to bring horses for our display/stall will need to get their paperwork in by March 16 to Deb Putmann. Tim would like to have, in addition to the hitch, someone to ride a Clyde, a team and wagon and a horse on cart. Tim will verify with Maria on the deadlines for entries. Andy plans to be there on Wednesday and will stay for the whole event. He'll set up the display and stall area, so everything will be in place by Thursday morning. Discussion on our stall set up and if anyone would be bringing a horse followed. Dixie Golliday and Lynn and Mary Muller are each thinking of bringing a horse for the demo. Since Equine Affaire requirements are very strict, specific and legally involved, Tim will email to Dixie the requirement papers. This show is the best place to show off our breeds and educate the public, so it will be appreciated if our members can participate and/or help out in any manner they can, be it time, horses, tending the display, or bringing candy to offer the public.

Our Annual Picnic/General Membership Meeting will be hosted by Mark Main from Bowling Green, with a possible date of May 15, starting at Noon. A discussion on this possible date followed and it was agreed to keep May 15 as the day. His barn has an overhang, so we can set up in this area if the weather is an issue. Lynn made a motion to have the picnic on May 15 and Mary Myers seconded. Motion carried.

The last weekend in June is the Ohio Scottish Games held in Wellington, Ohio at the Lorain County Fairgrounds. If anyone would like to bring their horses, they would probably welcome the additional Clydesdales for the event. In the past, Karen and Jim Mole furnished their black Clydesdales, but recently, the Guihers and Mullers have brought horses for display. This is a one day event for the horses. Go to www.OhioScottishGames.corn for more information.

Andy asked if any one would volunteer for our Fall outing/get-together or make suggestions as to what we can do and/or where we can have it. Further discussion will be made at the Picnic meeting.

Andy asked if any one had any possible candidates for our 2011 Youth Representative. Discussion followed and it was noted that Angie Borck is our contact person for this. Next, Andy asked if any one was planning to show/participate at the World Clydesdale Show in October. At our last meeting it was decided to send the Clydesdale Breeders of the USA a donation of $ 100 for this show. Anita will check with Brenda to see if she did send the check to Secretary Cathy Behn.

We discussed the renewal of our ad in "The Draft Horse Journal", which is due to expire in March. Tim made a motion and Daryl seconded it to keep our ad as it is and to renew it for another year. Motion passed.

It was noted that we still have members who have not renewed their memberships for 2011. With that, Andy invited our guest farrier today, Mark Lucas, to be an honorary member and he accepted this offer. Tim reported on and gave out handouts on the changes to the Ohio State Fair in regards to classes and money pay outs. Brenda will need to write a check for the $200, that we agreed on at the last meeting and send it to the Fair Show by the end of March.

Anita reminded everyone that we have sweatshirts, tee-shirts and caps with our logos to buy. This is one fund raiser that this organization has to make extra money. Next, Anita went over the list of members who have not renewed their dues and asked those present today, to remind any members that they see to fill out their renewal form and send the dues into Brenda. Andy called for any more business. There being none, Tim Myers made a motion and Lynn seconded the motion to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 4:45pm. Respectfully submitted.