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March 19, 2005
General Membership "Fun Meet" Minutes
Held at Tim, Deb, and Genevieve Dyer's home

President All Sidell called the meeting to order at 2:20pm, after all attending enjoyed a wonderful pot luck lunch. A big thank you was given to the Dyers for hosting this get-together, and Al noted that we have some great cooks in this organization! Officers in attendance: Al Sidell - President, Loren Damschroder - Vice- President, Brenda Damschroder - Treasurer, Anita Guiher - Secretary, Andy Kavalauskas - Trustee and Richard Forthofer -Trustee. A sign in sheet was passed for all members and guests to sign.

Al covered the upcoming events involving our association. The first event is the Equine Affaire in Columbus on April 7-10. We will have both our breeds represented in the stall that Al and Maria Sidell reserved. On April 7, Guihers will have a Clydesdale filly standing on display in the stall, Dyers will have one of their Clydesdales on Friday, Batons will have a Shire representing on Saturday and Sidells will have a Clydesdale in the stall for Sunday. The Clyde Demo will be on Sunday at 3:00pm with Maria in charge of this demo. Clydes will be shown under saddle - both English style and also Western. Al will hitch a Clyde to a cart and Owl Creek Hitch will perform with a 4-up hitch of Clydesdales. The Shires will have a Demo at 3:00pm on Saturday. We do not have any particulars on this demo, but the Batons will be performing for part of it with their Shires. A sign up sheet was passed today for volunteers to " man" our display table and stall for the 4 day event.

Our next gathering will be our Annual Summer Picnic, which will be held at Al and Maria Sidell's home on June 12, 2005 starting at l:00pm with our pot luck lunch. We are planning a clinic/educational session as part of the day's activities along with our Chinese Auction, and games for the children. We will vote on a proposed By-Law Change plus vote for our 2005 Youth Representative. We are asking all our membership to help solicit our young members, children, grandchildren and farm/show helpers to consider representing ORCSA as our Youth Rep. The guidelines for running where listed in the Winter 2004 "Feather Features" and can also be found on our website -

After our picnic meeting, our next membership meeting will be held during the Ohio State Fair, date and time will be announced later this year.

Our fall outing will be a camp out and fun show to be held at Guihers' Clearview Farm near Berlin Heights, OH on September 17 and 18. We are still working out the particulars and more will be out on this gathering as time goes on. We may have arrival days as Sept 16 (Friday) and Sept 17 ( Saturday) with a cookout and wagon drive/ride on Saturday, and then on Sunday have a fun show for anyone who wants to participate. We are thinking of inviting any one in Ohio who has Clydes or Shires, as well as all our membership. Dick Forthofer, Jerry Eaton, Norm Guiher and Al Sidell will be overseeing this adventure. At this time, Al reported that he does not have any information on who the judges will be for the Clyde/Shire show at the Ohio State Fair. He stated that all entries for the State Fair will need to be done "on line". We will ask Brandon Knapp to put a link on our website for OSF (Ohio State Fair website) to make it easier for our members.

It was noted by Kory Weldy that the Madison County Fair has a very nice open show for all draft breeds, and it is a nice show to participate in.

Deb Bechstein brought and displayed some T-shirts and Polo shirts with our logo sewn on them. The samples were priced at $ 12 for T-shirts and $ 15 for the Polo shirts. We will be selling items soon. We plan to take some to the Equine Affaire for display and sale.

Anita has contacted the Ohio Secretary of State to obtain an application for registering our logo as our trademark. It will cost $125 for this application. Discussion took place on this. Linda Walker made a motion to send in the application with the $125 for our logo trademark to be processed. Norm Guiher seconded the motion. Further discussion took place. Kory Weldy moved to amend the first motion and take it off the floor to be discussed at the picnic meeting. Linda then removed the motion and further discussion and clarification took place with a result to proceed with applying for this trademark. Linda Walker made the motion again, it was seconded and passed. It was decided that Deb will modify the logo for caps and shirt fronts only, to use ORCSA for the lettering instead of it all spelled out. Large logo items will have the lettering of" Ohio Regional Clydesdale and Shire Association" used.

Anita has applied with the Ohio Department of Taxation for a transient vender's license for ORCSA for future sales of our items. This has a one time cost of $25. Discussion took place on sales tax and non-profit organization status. If we ask for donations of a certain amount for our items, then we might be able to avoid sales tax collection. We will look into this further.

Andy Kavalauskas had brought to the last Board Meeting the idea of selling small ads to waylay the expense of our newsletters and postage. A discussion took place and a suggestion was made to use our website for our members to read the newsletters or to use email. Email has the problem of compatible programs. Not all members are able to open attachments or else may not use a computer. Nothing was decided on this problem. Members present were asked to talk to businesses for possible sponsorships for us. We talked about revising our renewal membership form for the future to ask if members have access to our website for viewing newsletters, minutes and etc. If they are not able, then the secretary would use the US mail service for sending out information to them.

Meeting adjourned at 3 :20pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Anita L. Guiher
Secretary ORCSA