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ORCSA Spring 2007 Get Together - March 10 - held in Grove City, OH GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING - l:00pm held at the Buckeye Christian Church

A short meeting was held after we all enjoyed our "pot luck" lunch. President Al Sidell had a few items to cover including:

Equine Affaire on April 12-15,2007 in Columbus, Ohio. A sign up sheet for volunteers needed was passed around for those here who could help out with our stall/horse and display. The Clydesdale Demo will be on Sunday at 11:00 am. We did not have any information on when the Shire Demo will be. Maria asked for more horses for the stall and it was decided that Kory Weldy and Dr. Hurt will have a Clyde and Shire for Thursday and Friday and a Clyde will be there for Saturday and Sunday, furnished by Maria and maybe Tim Myers, who will have horses there for the demo. Maria also asked if anyone had any Scottish music we could use for the demo.

Next item covered was our annual Summer picnic, which due to Pauline Eaton and Jody Dellaria having to be moved out from the farm they were renting, due to its sale, we are in need of another place to have our picnic. Al asked the members present if any one was willing to host this year's picnic. Our next newsletter should go out in early/mid April and will have information and directions for our picnic.

The Ohio Exposition Draft Horse Show will be June 21 and 22,2007.

It was noted by Theresa Shively that the Ohio State Fair Trophy Sponsorships were still in need for some of the classes. The cost to sponsor a class is $30 and we still have about 10 openings yet. If anyone want to sponsor a class, let Theresa know and send the money to our Treasurer, Brenda Damschroder. Sponsors will get 2 "day" passes and 1 "day" parking pass for their sponsorships.

Kory Weldy, on Sandy's behalf, reported that as of this meeting, no applications had been received for the 2007 Youth Representative for our group. Hopefully, someone will want to be our Representative by the time of the picnic.

Daryl Jones brought up a possible issue for our group to talk about pertaining to the danger issues associated with horses when in public situations, like parades and shows. She said we need to speak up and take a position of "safety" as the upmost importance and be aware of possible situations that might put us, our horses and the public in jeopardy. As the owners of the horses, we need to take actions to not put ourselves or our horses into potential dangerous positions, with regards to the public.

Angie and Sam Borck volunteered to host the picnic and will let us know the date as soon as possible.

Daryl volunteered to conduct today's raffle and door prizes.

Al thanked everyone for their donations today, as this helped make a little extra funds for us. The meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Anita L Guiher Secretary ORCSA