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February 18, 2006 General Membership Meeting Minutes "Spring Fling" held in Grove City, OH at Buckeye Christian Church

President Al called the meeting to order at 2:30 pm, after enjoying our usual excellent "pot luck" lunch. Since our Treasurer, Brenda, was not here, we did not have a Treasurer's report. Next, was the call for the reading of the minutes of the Dec. 10,2005 General Membership Meeting. A motion was made by Andy, seconded by Angie and passed to forego the reading of these minutes since everyone had received them the mail.

Al took a minute to welcome and introduce two new members: Robin Becher from Wakeman and Tina Miller from Newark. Al then asked all present to introduce themselves to our new members.

Call for Old Business:

Tim Myers gave us an update on the Ohio State Fair Class changes and judges. Tim has submitted to Judy Peters, from the OSF Draft Horse Show Dept, the proposed changes for the Clydesdale Classes, to make it easier for the exhibitors to make the classes and participate in more classes. The final draft will be completed by April. Tim reported on the judge situation. As a result of the vote at the December All Breed meeting, Chad Cole had been voted to be the Clydesdale Judge, but had declined the job. Therefore, Travis Fox, who had the second most votes and who will already be there for the first part of the week as judge will probably take the job as our Clydesdale judge.

Tim will work with Judy Peters this year to try and get more money pay outs, hopefully, for next year. This might be accomplished by moving monies around from other classes that don't have many entries. At this point in time, there is no more money available for this year's pay outs, but, hopefully, some changes can be made for the years to come.

Our annual Summer Picnic and Meeting will be May 21. 2006 at Sam and Angie Borck's home. Pot luck lunch is planned, as like in the past. Al asked for a motion to have our organization continue, this year, to purchase the meat and paper products. Sandy made the motion, Theresa seconded and motion carried. PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS and PLAN TO JOIN US. Sandy will also take care of the Youth Representative's sash and tiera or cowboy hat. Emilee Edwards, our 2005 Rep would like to run again for our 2006 Rep. Sandy conducted a discussion on the sash and crown and has volunteered to furnish the sash and crown again.

Equine Affaire Report: April 6-9, 2006

Maria reported that we should have a corner stall in the Farm Barn. She passed a sign up sheet for volunteers to " man" the stall/booth. We will set up by 9:00 am on Thursday and break down on Sunday after 5:00pm. The Clydesdale Demo will be on Friday. Next Maria reported on what is done at the stall/booth, in regards to showing off our breeds to the public. We'll need a plan for decorations and what we want to display. Andy will bring the picture display board. If members have good pictures to display, we'd like to put them up on display, if possible. We talked about having a VCR and TV to show tapes of some our past draft horse show. Colors for this display will be red, white and blue. We will need volunteers to stay at the booth to answer questions and talk about our horses. Also will need some one to bring horses for the stall for each day. We plan to have the horse out of the stall, some of the time, to give the public a chance to pet and see the animals. We'd also like to tie off the stall door, so the horse can stand by the door and look out which is always a crowd pleaser. Robin will bring her Shire Gelding for Thursday, Tim will bring his Clyde horses for the Demo and also for Friday and Saturday. Kory will bring a Shire for Sunday. Tim offered to make copies of our ORCSA Brochure to have on hand for any one wanting them.

Next thing on our agenda was drawing our winners of the door prizes. Emilee volunteered to pull tickets.

Sharon noted that the Madison County Fair will have a Draft Horse Show, but it will be a Pre- registered show. It is the week after the Ohio Exposition Show.

Al called for a motion to adjourn. Theresa made the motion, Norm seconded and the meeting adjourned at 4:00pm

Anita L. Guiher ORCSA Secretary