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ORCSA Executive Board Meeting Minutes January 29, 2012 held at the Guiher Farm

President Andy called the meeting to order at 1:00pm. Andy welcomed our newest members, Kat Wiegand and Bill Roy from Michigan, who had just recently joined our association. Norm made a motion, which was seconded by Al, to byĘpass reading the minutes of the last Board meeting, since the minutes had been mailed out in a past newsletter.

The Financial Report was given by our Treasurer, Brenda, who related that as of December 31, 2011, we had a balance of $854.31 in our checking account. We have had 10 Family and 9 Single renewals and some trophy sponsorships for 2012, so our total balance in our account, as of 1-29-2012, is $1368.83.

Andy made a call for any outstanding bills, with none reported, we moved to the next agenda item. He called for an update on the Ohio State Fair. Todd and Emily reported that they had a packet of proposed changes, which they presented at the December meeting, for both the Shires and Clydesdales and would like to see some or all these changes for this year's classes. The Ohio State Fair folks would

We had to return to our Financial Report, since we did not make a motion on it. Maria motioned and Mary Muller seconded the motion to accept the Treasurer's Report and the motion passed.

Andy now asked for the status of the 2012 Equine Affaire and Maria reported that our stall had been paid for, which Andy had donated the money for, and the money sent in for this. Andy will decorate our stall and display, Tim and Maria will oversee who is coming to help, who will bring horses and who will be in our Breed Demo. Maria said each participant (Farm) has to send in their own paper work and also, she said a date for the Breed Demo was not set yet. Kat and Bill said they'd bring 2 horses; Mary and Lynn will bring 2 horses and these horses could rotate in the ORCSA display stall during the show hours. Tim and Mary will bring their 6 up hitch geldings for the Breed Demo but hope it can be for Saturday. We will send out a reminder for the Equine Affaire and request help.

The next agenda item was for a report by Al and Maria on our Spring Youth/Beginners Clinic. Al stated he'd like to do this clinic at our Summer Picnic and invite some youth groups to come. Guihers were asked if ORCSA could have the Clinic at the farm, and it was decided to go ahead and plan it out.

A call for old business was; made, none reported. Al and Maria said they are selling their horse equipment, and Anita offered put what ever they wanted to sell on our website. They are also planning to put their place up for sale.

Andy called for any new business, none brought up, so Al motioned to adjourn the meeting and Tim seconded the motion. Meeting adjourned at 2:00pm

Respectfully submitted,