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Jan. 17, 2016 Executive meeting

Anita Guiher calls the meeting to order @1:10pm

Old Business-No minutes from the fall meeting

New Business

Treasurer Report:No change in cost of trophy sponsorship fee, still $25. Question was brought up as to whether there were old trophies that could be recycled but there were none left from 2015. Michelle Hines offer to keep track of trophies at the Ohio State Fair and return any unused trophies. Brenda made changes to the design of the trophies this year such as a walking stick for the senior driver. Todd Riedel has offered to pay for stall fees for Shires only with a registered class. As of 12/31/2015 Balance of account $2391.68 which includes $1000.00 Equine Affair 2015,$140.00 Hall Farm and Village, $200.00 Western Reserve

Brenda is still checking on our ad with Rural Heritage

Ideas for increasing income and outgoing debt: Increase member numbers. Trophy costs, and WebMaster fees

Currently we are spending more for trophies than is taken in from sponsorship, trophy cost $600-$400 from sponsorship. In order to keep the quality of trophies the organization has provided at the Ohio State Fair but not run in to a negative the following changes will be made for 2017 Ohio State Fair: 6 horse hitch $50/Unicorn$40/all other classes $35. All in favor was unanimous. For any business that sponsors a trophy we will now be sending a picture of the winner of the class and a thank you letter. The board has made a recommendation that Brandon Knapp should be consulted with to check into less expensive costs of online fees for organizations web page. What would be the cost to add business ads to the page(as a form of revenue). Adding a $5 fee for annual farm listing or horse for sale ads. Summer picnic to be held at Mark Main's place on Sunday May 22, 2016 @ 12pm. Fall outing to be held at David and Diana Long's place, date and time to be decided later.

Todd Reidell recommended that exposure would be better for the orgnization to do parades and rides. Hale Farm and Village provided great exposure but lack of available horses and help makes it difficult to do. Todd and Michelle Hines have formed a committee to research parades and other outings for breed promotion.

Equine Affair 2016: Mike 0. and Andy K. are our representatives for this event. Jennifer Hemple, Tim Meyers, Doug Phillips and Mark Main are providing horses for stall and breed demos tenatively set for Saturday during the event. Sale and stalled horses can be next to each other if from the same farm. Sale stall $125 and farm stall $200.

There are two farms willing to host a Spring Fling: Vale Spring Meadow Farm and Jennifer Hemple