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ORCSA General Membership Meeting - December 8, 2012 at 12:00

President Andy called the meeting to order at 12:00 o'clock and welcomed Mike Maggard as our new Shire Representative and then thanked Todd Riedel for serving in this position. Todd offered to help Mike, if he needed it. The minutes of the last meeting had been sent in the mail, therefore, Todd made a motion and it was seconded by Norm to accept the minutes. Motion passed.

Brenda had handed out her Treasurer's Report and it was gone over. As of today there is a balance of $464.28. Dues and trophy monies will be coming in for 2013 so the balance will reflect this soon. There were trophies left over from the Ohio State Fair for classes not filled, so Dixie and Brenda will look into the status of these trophies to see if we can change the tags and reuse them for 2013.

Discussion on the trophies followed and also who is responsible for the Governor's Cup trophy for 2013, and it was thought the Percheron folks will be responsible for the trophy for 2013. We then talked about the All Breed Cart Class. Andy thought the trophies were very nice and thanked Dixie for shopping and finding the bargains. Dixie will continue to oversee the trophies for this 2013. Mike stated that he knows of another company who could give us a quote on the engraving. It was noted that everyone liked the useful items as trophies in lieu of ^dust collectors.

I We talked about the need to raise more revenue for our group plus gaining more memberships and what the benefits are for belonging to ORCSA. Question was asked if we could send the newsletter out via email and Tim offered to help me with putting it together on the computer. Since I am not too gifted on the computer, I piece things together and them have it copied at a print shop and then mail out the newsletter to the membership. We will look into this for the future, but members will need to keep the secretary current with email addresses. We went back to the Tresurer's Report so a motion could be made by Norm and seconded by Todd to accept the Treasurer's Report; motion passed.

Andy called for Committee Reports, none were given, so he called for Old Business. It was stated that the Fall Outing at Knapps' farm was a total success and hoped to return sometime for another gathering. We had 3 teams there for our drive and had great trails to drive. Jennifer Adkins has offered to host a Farm Outing and also host our Summer Picnic. The farm outing would be on a Saturday, since she will be having her Amish neighbors help her with the field day events. We may have the Field Day and Picnic on two different dates if needed, and we will keep you posted on this as time goes on.

Break in our meeting due to Ron Mack and Judy Peters stopping in to discuss the Ohio State Fair issues. Judy asked how to make things better, and we asked about lowering the stall fees and also changes to some of the classes. She wants more exhibitors, but we told her it is too expensive to come and bring a number of horses and crews. She was told that other fairs go around and thank the exhibitors personally and take them coffee and donuts to show their appreciation for them coming and showing their animals. Mark Main asked if it would be possible to overlap the draft horse breeds like it use to be years back and maybe move the Governor's Cup to a Friday or Saturday, so more farms could come and exhibit. It might be possible to move some Clydesdale and Shire classes to Wednesday to ease the work load on Thursday. It was asked if it would be too congested to have more draft breeds here at the same time as it was noted that the bam is pretty empty by the time the Clydesdales and Shires are here. We told them they need to advertise more about the draft horse show and asked if it would be possible to be here over the weekend since more of the public is at the fair over the weekends and always ask where the big horses are. We feel they need a Press Release and Media Release Package, and Judy said she would look into this. Also. would it be possible to maybe start the show on a Thursday and go over the weekend for the Draft Breeds. Ron and Judy state they want to make the Show better so changes are needed with better advertising to let the public know that the Draft Horses are there.

Ron suggested having the draft ponies and drafts split the arena for the halteró classes and also combine some of the riding classes for all breeds. We stated that we need to keep our youth showing and more involved, so we don't want to cut any youth classes. Judy says she wants the Coliseum busy from 10 to 10 and wants competition and not just exhibitors. And she wants to show what the Draft horses are capable of doing - performance wise. Brenda asked about the trophies and if she knew how many are in storage, and Judy stated that she wasn't sure but that we should contact Bev. A discussion followed on how difficult it is to run this draft horse show for the fair and what we might do to help keep the Coliseum filled with spectators for the shows.

We continued our meeting after Ron and Judy left with Tim asking to talk about Halter Judges and make nominations. Discussion followed with Todd asking that a Clydesdale person be selected for the judge, and Tim said that he just wants a good one and it didn't matter what breed the judge came from. Tim will contact who ever we nominate to see if they are willing and able to judge. We called for nominations, and Shannon Cobbs, Marion Young, Sharon Priebe and Jason Honsberger were nominated. The Fair Office will pick who they want after we send our choices. We will send out a ballot for the membership to vote on our choice for Halter Judge.

Andy called for any other business and Tim asked for a call of New Business as he stated that the All Breed Reps will be meeting on Wednesday to suggest premiums or class schedules be made without our membership's approval, it was seconded by Andy and motion passed.

Tim and Mary will take over Equine Affaire, Andy will pay for the stall, Kat and William want to come as well as Mary and Lynn and Todd and Emily with horses. Discussion followed on this event and Andy made a motion and Mary Muller seconded it that we participate in the 2013 Equine Affaire. Motion passed. Dates are April 11-14. Tim will contact Deb Putmann for information on the Breed Demo and what day it will be on. Tim stated that everyone bringing their horses must provide proof of Liability Insurance to be in our Stall.

Dixie asked about new pictures for the display board, and Andy said that he will make the pictures fit the board opening if anyone can and will get him some newer pictures of our group and their horses. Anita had picked up a brochure at the motel in Howe, Indiana at the Fall All Breed Sale. It was from the Wisconsin Draft Horse Association and she then passed it around this meeting. It was quite nice and might be something that we could do and hand out at events to promote our group. Tim will take it and look into getting some thing like this for us. We will need to find advertisers to help with the expense of the handouts. Andy asked Mike if Taylor, our 2012 Youth Rep, could write a short report on her experiences as our Rep so Anita could put it in the next newsletter. Dixie asked about our logo decals since she had a problem with hers. Tim is our contact on this.

Mary Muller introduced Loren, who just recently bought a Shire and would like to run for our Youth Rep for 2013. Anita advised her to check our web site for the guidelines and the application form or let her know if she couldn't get the information and forms.

Anita presented some information from the "Draft Horse Journal Magazine" ads, since they were offering a special. Discussion followed and it was decided to stay with our same ad for now. Our contract is due in March for the year's ads. We discussed the expense of the ad and if we are getting anything fork. Further discussion will be had at our Summer meeting and a vote will be taken to decide if we should continue advertising.

Anita reported on the Web site and if we wanted any changes, with a discussion following about the value of the site and if we should continue with it. Loren Damschroder asked if we thought the exhibitor attendance at the Ohio State Fair would increase, since the National Clydesdale Show would not be conflicting with our state fair dates, and a discussion followed on his question. Andy asked about our sign up sheet for Committees and if any one was interested in helping with any of these to see Anita. He asked for any other business and none being brought up, Norm made a motion and Mary Muller seconded to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 1:35 pm.

Respectfully submitted