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ORCSA General Membership Meeting
December 8, 3007 at 10:30 AM
Ohio State Fair Grounds-Disalle Bldg

President Al Sidell called meeting to order, asked minutes of previous meeting be read. Andy Kavalauskas made motion to by- pass the reading of the minutes as everyone had received them in the mail and had read them.

Anita brought up the minutes form the Executive Board Meeting, September 16, 8007 at Al and Maria Sidell house. Those Minutes were read by Angie Borck. (Please attached sheet for the minutes)

Additional note from the executive meeting: in the event of a tie during the election, the officers would vote again, the odd number of votes would determine the winner.

Some discussion about the distribution of the trophies for the 2007 Fair and the lack there of, and the delay in the checks for the premiums. Tim Myers will speak during lus meeting with the Ohio State Horse Show Committee later today. Treasurers Report submitted by Brenda Damsltroder (please see the attached sheet) one side is expenses, the opposite side is receipts. Working balance is the balance without the Draft Horse Expo refund added. We are keeping that money set aside for now, in case the show gets started back up again and the funds are needed. Maria Sidell made motion to accept the treasurers report, Anita Guihcr Second motion, and motion passed.

Al Sidell reported that he has been in contact with Eon Mack alwut the hospitality room. With poor performance of the last year or lack thereof, Al thought we could have Our own "Hospitality Stall" with volunteers from our group to help with snacks, etc. Tim Myers thought we would ask the pony group if they would be interested in joining us for the "Hospitality Stall". The pony show schedule has changed somewhat, their schedule coincides with ours. Tins joint Hospitality Stall could help both groups.

Al asked Ron if the members of ORSCA requested to be stalled near each other at the north end of the bam. Bon said he would try and work with us to get that accomplished.. Also, we would be close together, making it easy for helping each other out while hitching and getting ready for the classes. It would also help some of our new members just starting to show, we could help them and answer questions they may have. So when you make your Ohio State entries please write on there: "To be stalled with ORSCA"

Ohio Equine Industry Coalition: Steve Wickersham representative gave short speech on the equine industry in Ohio. The race horse industry is dying, both Standardbred and Thoroughbred, the Quarter Horse industry is the only one doing well. The Ohio Equine Coalition is trying to get funds together to help do lobbying for the (squine industry in Ohio. The Coalition has asked us for a donation. They are just starting and looking for funds and support, they have spent $10,000 in legal fees trying to get their non-profit status. We asked Steve to send us moi-e information when they have things more established.

Old Business:

Kory Weldy still working on the business card for the Ohio State Map with business cards, he only has 4 business cards. Get your business/farm cards to Kory!

Tim Myers mentioned that he received no nominations Cor the halter judge nominations. General consensus is that we need letter participation from our group.

Al Sidell thanked our outgoing officers for their dedication, hard work, and time; also welcomed our new officers. Angie Borck presented a letter Bill Burgett of Owl Creek Clydesdales addressed to Anita Guiher, thanking her for her dedication and hard work. Bill is a member of our group and we appreciate is support Thanks Bill! Mid-winter get together-Kory Weldy has graciously reserved their church for us on Saturday, March 15, 3008.

See attached sheet for directions and other details...

Equine Affair: .3008 dates are April 10-13, 2008. February 15, 2008 is the deadline for the money for the stall. Mark Main offered to pay for the stall again. The fees went up from $165 to $175. We requested a stall along the green wall again. Discussion about " bringing a mare and foal, we decided against having foals there, as it is a risk for the health of the foal. Maria Sidell needs music for the breeder's demonstration. The music need to be on a disc. Maria is trying to get our breed demo on Saturday April 12. The more things we have for our staff the tetter it will be. More information to come. State Fail-Tim Myers is our Clydesdale fair representative. He is working on getting some schedule changes. Tim would like to see some changes for a cart class, riding classes, and youth classes. Moving the classes would help spread out some of the classes for the pony show also. Next, moving the Six horse hitch to the end of the night because it would hold the crowd in the Coliseum.

Some questions regarding the juniors showing stallions.

Some suggestions about reallocating funds from classes not having many participants in them to placing more funds in classes with more participants.

Tim suggested we add money to some classes to add platings for one year. Then next year the money will be allocated

Maria made motion made to place $200 to the State Fair Premium money, Darryl second motion, motion canned and passed.

We need a ring master with experience, last year the ring master was not paying attention, it was dangerous, but he passed away 2 weeks after the fair. The announcer was difficult to hear and understand added to confusion in the ring. The entry forms are difficult to fill out The form is confusing. Multiple class sponsors receive one pass.

There is an overwhelming feeling that the show is over after the Six horse hitch, what is the fair doing to make us feel welcome. The delay of payment s is not acceptable The trophy fiasco Tim will also address Thanks Tim for hanging in there and doing the tough job of dealing with the Fair committee.

Motion made to adjourn @1:00 PM Motion made by Tim, Norm second

Meeting Adjourned @1:00 PM Respectively submitted,

Angie Borck Secretary ORCSA