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ORCSA General Membership Meeting Minutes December 16, 2006 held at the Ohio State Fair Grounds in Columbus, Ohio

President Al Sidell called the meeting to order at 11:00 am and a "sign in" sheet was passed. Al called for the reading of the minutes of our last meeting and Anita Guiher, Secretary, read the August 11, 2006 minutes from the meeting held during the 2006 Ohio State Fair. No changes were made, a motion was make and seconded to accept the minutes as read. Brenda Damschroder, Treasurer, gave her report and as of today (Dec. 16), our checking account balance is $2088.37. She reported that the bill for the 2003 Governor's Cup Trophy had been paid and was also noted that Loren Damschroder donated the cost for ORCSA, of the 2006 Governor's Cup Trophy. The report was accepted as read.

President Al acknowledged and welcomed our new members, LeRoy C. Miller (not present) and Mark and Jill Dodd (who were in attendance today). Al also thanked Norm and Guiher for hosting our Fall Weekend Event.

Call for new business was made and this included planning our year's activities. We decided to gather again in Grove City for our Winter/Spring outing. Kory Weldy will check on dates and let Anita and Al know on the dates. We are looking at February 24 and a back up date of March 10. The Church, like last year, will not charge for the use of the meeting room. We plan to have our meeting and pot luck lunch plus some table games/cards. Anita will put something hi the newsletter to cover this gathering.

The Summer Picnic meeting will be at Pauline Eaton and Jody Dellaria's home. They will let us know the date and more information will be in the next newsletter, prior to the picnic. The Fall get together will again be at the GuihcrFam, new-announced later in the year. The next report was given by Tim Myers, our Ohio State Fair Rep, on the changes and classes for the 2007 OSF. Discussion followed on the changes and new classes and how they would be judged and handled. Plus we discussed a proposal on defining what "proper" attire would be for our rules book for the fair. Tim will be attending an OSF meeting later today and plans to bring this up.

Next discussion was held on the 2007 Equine Affaire and whether ORCSA would participate and attend. Mark Main offered to donate the $165.00 toward our stall cost. His offer was graciously accepted. A motion was made and seconded to attend the Equine Affaire. Andy Kavalauskas offered to run the set up for our stall and display. Maria Sidell will follow up on this and will have a "volunteer sign up" schedule at our Winter/Spring meeting. We will need horses also, to volunteer, to be in the stall and or demos.

Next agenda item was the 2007 OSF Trophy Sponsorships. As of this meeting, Mark Main and Mark and Jill Dodd will each sponsor 2 classes. Daryl Jones also donated to sponsor a class. Theresa Hall Shively will take care of these sponsorships and give us a report at our next meeting. The cost to sponsor a class is $30.00, the same as last year.

The 2007 membership renewals are due and should be sent to Brenda Damschroder...$25 for a Family membership and $18 for Single membership. Anita stated that if dues are not paid by the Winter/Spring meeting, the newsletter will not be sent to members who are not current with their dues. The expense of postage and printing is costly and the organization can not continue to send out information to delinquent members. Our "Draft Horse Journal" ad will expire in March, 2007 and a motion was made and seconded to continue this ad. Anita will let Brenda know the cost arid when to send in the money for the year contract.

Tim Myers reported on the nominations for the OSF Clyde/Shire Halter and Hitch Judges. The nominations that were voted on at the OSF All Draft Horse Show meeting today will be contacted and the potential selectees will be confirmed at a later date.

Next Tim reported on the proposals for the cart and riding classes and that he will continue to work on these proposals, if not for this year's fair, than for in the future years. He will work on a dress code for both exhibitors and headers and wants this to be in the fair book so all exhibitors will know what is expected and acceptable. He will also work on a form for nominations of our judges.

Al noted that it is time to start thinking about our 2007 Youth Representative and start talking to our young people about applying for this job. We will vote on a selection at the Summer Picnic meeting.

It was noted that Mrs Mary Lou Mack will over see the Hospitality Room for us at the Ohio State Fair on Thursday and Friday. ORCSA has donated $50 toward food for these two days and Andy Kavalauskas donated $40 toward this also today.

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn this meeting. Meeting adjourned at 11:30am Note: A Big Thank You to our members who have donated money today for the various projects we discussed during this meeting

Respectfully submitted,

Anita L Guiher Secretary ORCSA