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Notes from December 14, 2013 All-Breed Meeting and ORCSA Meeting

Meeting was lightly attended and only six OCRSA members were present. A valid phone number along with name and address are needed to nominate judges so that the Fair Board can quickly verify acceptance. Ron Mack described the plan to issue exhibitor passes to folks based on the number of horses they bring. A 6-up would get 18 one day passes, a 4-up would get 10, and so. Halter exhibitors would also get passes based on the overall number of entries. The Fair will once again try to move a few Clyde/Shire classes to reduce the exhibitor workload (don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen - A. Kavalauskas). Mark Main inquired about wristbands. John Spragg, new State Fair Commissioner, said that would be too difficult due to groups' requirements and quantities. He and Judy Peters stated that the Fairgrounds will be undergoing a long term remodeling, renovation, upgrade over the new few years. Stall upgrades and restrooms were mentioned. When asked about the sound system, they said they didn't know there was a problem. Judy mentioned results from the exhibitor questionnaires which listed entry fees, speakers in the barn (but they didn't know there was a problem?), and that the folks working Gate 10 were rude. They were looking for possible online entry upgrades. They also found out that the passes that were supposed to be in packets were being stolen and given to friends. Many drivers complained about the ring man again. Ron Kohler suggested a new (younger) person but Judy believes they already have someone scheduled. Theresa Howell (or Howe) will be doing the Hospitality Room this year. Judges for this year will be 1st half Chad Wysinski and 2nd halfAlex Baker. Meeting adjourned at ll:00am.

The 0RCSA meeting adjourned at 11:20 am, !t was voted to pass on reading the minutes. Mark Main was the only new board member in attendance. Andy thanked the outgoing folks for all their years of service. No old business.

New business was about Equine Affaire. Did Mary receive paperwork since she turned it in last year? Emily noted that the stall is going up to $200. Andy will pay it again this year. She said that as an offset to the increase, they will give 4 daily entry passes. We need to confirm who will attend. Tim said at the fall outing that he would go; Debbie said at the parade she would do a unicorn or a four. I was told that Lauren, Melissa, and Jennifer are all considering it. Kat, Todd, and Emily will have their own stalls.

Trophies were discussed and usually a lot of spots are paid for at this meeting. Hopefully trophy info will go out with membership renewals and we can get them paid for.

We also discussed the youth rep for this coming season. Lauren did a great job and we would like to know if she would like to do it again.

Meeting adjourned at 12:35 pm. In attendance were Andy Kavalauskas, Mark Main, Todd and Emily Riedel, Melissa Alexander-Kohls and her friend Travis Dafler (sp?).

Andy Kavalauskas