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Al Sidell opened meeting.

Minutes Dr. Hurt made motion to skip reading minutes as everyone has received them and minutes stand as written

Brenda Damshroder presented the Treasures report, Al Sidell thinks we can add the money from the Ohio Draft Horse Expo into our general fund total

Old Business

Ohio State fair issues. Mark Main stated that he had some mishaps at the Columbus Crew entrance and there is no light there. Mark had a traffic accident there with his semi tractor and trailer, he would like these a light at the intersection.

The Hospitality Stall went really well. Angie Borck agreed to coordinate the food for the 2009 Ohio State Fair Hospitality Stall.

Al mentioned that the fund from the Ohio Eastern States Sale is really out of our hands.

Al thought we ought to look at the Equine Coalition and possibly become involved in some aspect. Steve Wickershaw is one voice. Some discussions took place regarding the Coalition. Andy made a motion to donated $300 to the coalition, and considers a $150 / year afterwards. Motion voted and carried.

Scottish games- no date as been set yet.

Election results: Al Sidell will continue as president, Tim Myers as Clydesdale representative, Jill Dodds is the secretary, Brenda Damschroder will continue as treasurer.

Some discussion about the Classic Six series and the lack of the dues being made. Judy Peters for the Ohio Horse show office stopped in and stated she would see what she could do about getting a traffic light out by the Crew Stadium. We expressed to Judy our concerns about the delays in the payment of the premiums from the show. Judy stated she could only do what she could and that she is not in charge of sending checks. Also, the show schedule mistakes, the schedule was not right, the numbers were incorrect on some of them also.

Tim Myers spoke about the fair schedule and the premium being paid. Tim will continue working with Judy Peters to make any needed changes again this year. Tim does a great job as the Clydesdale Breed rep. Junior Klein will be the halter judge and the hitch judge, Alan Fretag is our second choice for the Clydesdale judge, some discussion about Ryan and Burger and Dale Burger for Shire judges.

Equine Affair
There has been some confusion about Equine Affair. Maria Sidell explained the differences about the Clydesdale and Shire breed rep. The dates for Equine Affair are April 2-5,2009. The fees for the stall are due Feb. 2009.

Andy made motion for the stall fees to be paid, Anita second. Motion voted and passed. We will be participating in the breed demo again Maria is looking for volunteers. The brochure to pass out needs to be updated. Tim said he could update it.

Al discussed some revitalizing of our group where are all the Clydesdale and Shire horse people from Ohio? Please get invqlved. We discussed a fun show for the spring/ early summer. Doc Hurt said he would find a location by Jan. 1.

The summer picnic will take place at Tim and Mary Myers more details to come!

Meeting adjourned
Anita made motion Angie Borck second.

Respectfully submitted Angie Borck