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The meeting was called to order at 11:14 by acting president Anita Guiher.

The minutes were read and approved

Dues and Trophy sponsors were sent out

2 Youth Representatives were voted on at the November meeting, one for the North side of the state and one for the South side of the state, and the reimbursement for each representative was upped to $250.00.


The Committee met on November 21st and revised the bylaws. They were typed out by Michele Hines and sent out to the Committee to be read and let know if anything was missed or needed to be fixed. It was decided to shorten the Article about the youth representative.

It was moved by Andy Kavalauskas to accept the bylaws as revised, seconded by Cheri Oxender, motion passed.

The Revised officer voting sheet were sent out and an extension was set for December 22nd.

There will be an Executive Board Meeting set for Sunday January 10th at the Guiher's house at 1:00 with a snow date set for January 17.

A Communications Committee was set up to help with the website, adds, brochure, facebook. At this time Melissa Alexander has signed up to help.

A break was taken during the meeting so we could discuss State Fair with Judy Peters.

Eric Gieman was picked as the Judge for August 4, 2016. There was a discussion about kids riding on wagons. Wrist bans for the gate. Jr cart class to be accompanied by an adult rider and adult rider must get back on before Driver leaves the ring.

Events for next year were discussed.
-Equine Affairs
-Spring outing
-Fall outing
-Hale farm and Village
-Delaware Parade

The Spring meeting will be at Mark Mains Farm May 22, 2016 at 12:00.

A motion was made by Michele Hirie to pay the Liability Insurance that is due in January 2016, seconded by Norm Guiher, motion passed.

A Short discussion of the Great American Shire Shootout.

New Business:

Mike Oxender brought up that we need to keep on a better schedule for the meetings and gatherings. To make sure that we have them at the same times of the year and not to late.

It was brought up about possibly getting a vendors license to sell stuff at events, and that we may be able to get a gift card or a painting to raffle off to someone, that their name be put in a drawing to become a member or a donation to the club.

Mike Oxender also brought up that we get a budget on what we will be paying out for the year, so we know how much is needed for the next year.

Andy K. asked to see if we get or if we could get a Receipt from Brandon on what was paid out for the WebsTte stuff.

Mike 0. to see if we could possibly get Gypsy Lane to do a program in March on Scratches and Clean Feathers.

A motion was made by Darryl to adjourn the meeting seconded by Norm Guiher. Motion Passed. Meeting ended at l:30pm.

Minutes taken and typed by Michele Hines