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ORCSA General Membership Meeting - December 12, 2009 - Columbus, OH

President Al Sidell called the meeting to order at 11:1Oam. Al reported that Loren Damschroder has been at the Mayo Clinic in MN, battling a return of cancer but should be home soon. We should keep him in our prayers.

A call for the minutes of the last general membership meeting was made but since the minutes of both the last Meeting and last Board Meeting went out in the last newsletter, Andy Kavalauskas made a motion to forego the readings of these , minutes, Tim Myers seconded the motion and the motion passed. The Treasurer report was reviewed by Al, since Brenda was not able to be here. This report was also in the last newsletter, and Brenda had reported to Al that there was no activity on our account since the last report. She reported that we have 3 new memberships. A listing of our current 2010 membership will be in the Spring Newsletter.

A call for Old Business was made. Al reported the Fall Clinic at the Sidell's home on October 3 was a success, and those who attended had a great opportunity to drive anything from a cart and horse to up to a 4 horse hitch, which Tim and Mary Myers were kind enough to furnish. The Guiher's brought a mare for cart and to ride, and the Muller's brought their gelding to hitch and to ride. What a good experience for some of our newer members to be able to take part and try their hands at the lines. It was discussed that we should do this again at a future get together.

Al expressed a "thank you" to Will Muller for serving as our 2009 Youth Representative. Will stated that he'd like to run again since he enjoyed himself last year and would like to represent ORCSA again.

A call for New Business was made. Al announced the results of the officers/trustee election. Brenda and Anita were elected to Treasurer and Secretary, respectfully, Lynn Muller will serve as our Vice-President and Todd Riedel will be the Shire Trustee.

Maria Sidell was asked to report on the 2010 Equine Affaire. She asked us if we wanted to attend, and it was then discussed with the outcome that we would again participate and have a stall and display. It was felt that we had a good spot for the public traffic to view our horses and display and that we would like to request the same area. We would like to have both a Shire and Clydesdale to share time in the stall during this event. The stall cost is $175 and Mark Main offered again to pay for this expense. Maria reported that the horses can come in on Wednesday evening for the start of the Equine Affaire on Thursday. Andy and Daryl will take care of the decorations for the stall and display. Tim and Mary will have horses for the Clydesdale Demo, Russ and Nancy Larson, Lynn and Mary Muller will furnish Clydesdales for the stall. Todd and Emily will bring Shires for the stall also. It was noted that the American Shire Association was stalled next to our display last year. The first deadline for this event is January 12th, with February 12th, being the final deadline for entries. Everyone exhibiting their horses at this event will need to have liability coverage of a one million dollar umbrella insurance policy. Daryl made a motion to participate in the 2010 Equine Affaire and to accept Mark Main's offer to pay for our stall, Norm Guiher seconded the motion and the motion passed. We now took a time out to introduce ourselves, since we noted we had new members attending this meeting.

Judy Peters, from the Ohio State Fair Office, stopped in to go over any issues we might have. It was requested that the fair have one show program for the exhibitors, as there was a lot of confusion over this problem at the fair this year. The exhibitors would like to be better informed of the changes as the show is going on, so that they don't miss their classes. Discussion followed on the Riding classes for Drafts, as well as other classes, that could help draw more Shire/Clydesdale exhibitors to the fair from around Ohio and other states. AI noted that everything dealing with horses in the past few years is down compared to the 1990s. Tim reported on numbers for Halter classes and every one was down. Ron Mack is asking us to look over the classes to see if we can combine some and also at the pay outs for placings. Hitch classes for the Clydesdales and Shires are up, which is good.

Tim talked about a ORCSA Banner, Bumper Stickers and 3 Foot Decals that we could have made and help promote our organization. We would use the Banner for ORCSA displays and events and also sell the stickers and decals. The Six Foot Banner would cost $65, bumper stickers $2 and 3 foot decals would cost $25. Lynn Muller made a motion that ORCSA purchase the Banner, and take orders to sell the stickers and decals, Maria seconded the motion and the motion passed. Tim and Norm are working on getting insurance quotes for ORCSA to have its own liability insurance to cover any ORCSA activities throughout the year. Further information will be needed for us to know if we can afford, as a group, to have this type of insurance.

A discussion followed on a last Board meeting item involving promotion of memberships to ORCSA. We had formed a committee consisting of Todd and Emily, Lynn and Mary and Tim and Mary. We planned to establish a calendar with events for the year and then post this information on our web site. We would like to do more group things to promote our Clydesdales and Shires. In the next few months, Al wants all of us to make a listing of events, fairs, festivals and parades that we could be involved with, and then, we will post these dates on the web site. Tim will oversee this calendar for us.

We are also going to cut back on the number of trophies that we furnish for the Ohio State Fair. If you are interested in sponsoring a class this year, contact Brenda Damschroder to make sure that the class is one that gets a trophy.

Myron and Eleanor Knapp will be hosting our Summer Picnic and General Membership Meeting. A date will be posted later. Al wants us to corne up with some fund raisers for our group, and let Al know of any of your ideas. This will be discussed at the picnic meeting. Tim has knowledge of some one who could carve a Clydesdale/Shire for us to sell tickets for as a fund raiser. He will look into this further. Our Chinese Auction has always brought us some income at the picnic, but we feel we need other ways to make extra funds.

Al said he will have a prize at the picnic meeting for the person who brings in the most new or renewed memberships this year. Dr. Hurt said we need to talk up our organization and welcome new members, maybe offer a year membership if you purchase a horse from someone or sell a horse to someone who lives in Ohio or surrounding states who doesn't belong to our group.

Emily reported that the American Shire Association furnishes their Champion Stallion, Mare and Gelding classes with a trophy at the Ohio State Fair, since it is a Regional Show. So those are classes that we would not need trophies for, but the Champion Clydesdale classes would still be in need of trophies. We will need to revise our 2011 Trophy Form to reflect these changes. For this year, Brenda can use your 2nd or 3rd choices for anyone who had picked any of those Champion Shire classes for 2010.

Kory Weldy suggested that ORCSA members reach out to our County Fairs to see what we can do to help keep some of the Draft Horse Shows going. A lot of fairs are dropping these shows. We might need to try to help raise funds for these shows by asking local corporations and big companies to help out with donations. It is an economical downer for a lot of these fairs.

Kory offered to have our Spring Gathering at his church hall. He will look at possible dates and get back to us. More information to come on this soon. Dr. Hurt made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Andy seconded the motion. Meeting adjourned at 1:20pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Anita L. Guiher ORCSA Secretary