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ORCSA General Membership Meeting Minutes - December 11, 2010
@1 l:00am held at the Ohio State Fair Grounds, Columbus, Ohio

President Al Sidell called the meeting to order at 11:00 am and asked for the minutes of the last meeting. Since they were sent out in the mail to the membership, Andy K. made a motion and was seconded by Tim M. to by-pass reading the minutes.

Al introduced Dixie Golliday, past member, and her son, Doug, and they were welcomed back into the association.. A call for the Treasurer's report, which had been handed out prior to the start of the meeting, was made. Brenda reported that this report did not reflect 10 renewals and 6 trophy sponsorships for 2011. She said she had sent out self-stamped envelops included in the last newsletter to help get members to return their forms and money. A question was asked about the logo decals and bumper stickers and discussion followed on this. Tim reported that the decals cost $2.50 for a bumper sticker and $35.00 for large trailer decal and also said that what we have sold so far did pay for the one large decal that we are using for our ORCSA display. Tim can take orders if anyone wishes to purchase these. Tim's email address is: ph: 419-355-4230. These decals look really great and promote our group very nicely.

The last Executive Board Meeting was held at the Guiher's home in the fall and will be reviewed by our New President, Andy Kavalauskas. Andy stated that the Board did not have any problems or issues to deal with but discussed options on how to keep the organization active and involved with each other and our horse related involvements. Since Andy is now President, we have a vacancy for his Trustee position - "Non- horse owner" Trustee. He also wants to discuss the upcoming World Clydesdale Show this fall held at Madison, WI., The Equine Affaire in April, and the renewal of our ad in "The Draft Horse Journal". At this point, Ron Mack came into our meeting and discussed the 2010 Ohio State Fair and the plans for the 2011 Fair. Discussion on class changes for this year was conducted. A possible change would be moving the Clyde/Shire Pleasure Driving Class and the Obstacle Driving Class to Wednesday evening. Tim reported that the Clydesdale National Show in WI was in conflict with this fair and that was why the big Clyde Hitches did not come to this fair. Further discussion was on stalling options and its effect on getting to the classes on time. Tim would like to have a Big Hitch Demo in the arena on Saturday for the public and to also be on display on the midway for a period of time for the folks to visit with the hitch. Ron stated that he would like to bring in a trick performing mule for display for the last weekend of the fair. Tim will stay in contact with Ron and Judy Peters on this. At this time, Judy Peters came into our meeting to also discuss the OSF further. She also wanted our nominations for our Halter Judges for the fair. Emily reported that the Shire Halter Judge nominations were done and that 1st choice was Bryan Winkler and Ross Honsburger was the 2nd choice nomination. Daryl asked if there could be any mule classes added and Judy reported that it was tried in the past and no entries came to the fair, so it was felt there might not be any interest in seeing the mules in classes but perhaps we could get some for display/demos in the future. Judy also reported that the Gypsy Vanner and Friesian folks were very aggressive when they were here and difficult to work with. She said it was very hard to have a show that would please both the spectators and the exhibitors. It was felt that a possibility of having some of these demos going on during the time lapses between classes would help keep the spectators in the arena seats so they would continue watching the show. Possibly we could use horses/mules to fit the arena instead of the tractors in between classes, however time might be a factor for this to be done. Brenda asked about trophies and when the Fair needed the names and classes for the trophies. Judy said the they would like them the 1st part of February, if possible, since the information was Seeded for publication in March. We did have some left over from classes that did not have entries, so they can be reused this year, by just changing the plate on the trophy. Judy said that "Trophies Unlimited" will have the trophies and Brenda can contact them on this matter. Tim talked about moving the Pleasure Driving Class and Obstacle Driving Class to Wednesday evening so that it could open up some time on Thursday afternoon classes, and he will work on this and email his proposed schedule changes to Judy. He also said that the pay out checks went out in a timely fashion this year for the exhibitors.

Al talked about old business and reviewed the Fall outing at the Guihers and reported it was a success and lots of good tunes. Al then turned over the meeting to Andy, officially, who called for new business. Brenda requested a big thank you for Al and also his wife, Maria for all their time and services over the past few years. We all gave the a long applause and our "thank yous".

Nominations for Clydesdale Halter Judges were taken with Al Sidell, Kyle Love and Ross Honsburger be nominated. A vote was taken and Al was picked as 1st choice. Next, Tim went over the Premium pay outs for the OSF. He would like to move some money around for the Clydesdale classes and make some changes to the Registered Clydesdale Stallion classes, Broodmare class and Registered Mare classes and Mare & Foal class. The gelding classes and Junior exhibitor classes will remain the same. He would like a Clydesdale/Shire Grade Team class where all geldings would be shown but also a Registered Team class for Mares and Stallions. Unicorn and Tandem would be open for grade or registered horses as are the 4 and 6 hitches. Senior (60 years or older) Driving Class would be open . His proposals have not involved more money, just shifting money around. Tim did request ORCSA to sponsor additional monies for more pay outs for this coming year. The additional money would not add to first place but divided up for the other placings and most of it would go to the smaller classes. Brenda made a motion and Daryl seconded to add $200 dollars to the pay outs to team classes up to the 4- up hitch classes. Motion passed. There were some "Jackpot" Classes last year which were handled by the Fair office for Tandem, Pleasure Drive and also Obstacle Classes. This is separate from the other entry fees for the other classes. It costs $25 to enter and 90% of what is paid in is then paid back to the placings. Also talked about the stall fees for this show. Emily and Todd requested that we revise our Trophy Sponsorship Form to reflect some additions, changes and subtractions. Also we need to specify what Junior means. It does not refer to junior horse but to the exhibitor - driver/handler. Brenda will revise this form to reflect the changes and also to clarify Junior Cart and Junior Team to be exhibitor age- wise as 8-18 years old and will have an adult with them when showing in the Junior classes, but not so in Open classes. The Showmanship classes will be exhibitors - under 15 year old for Junior Showmanship and 15-18 years old for Senior Showmanship.

Andy discussed filling his trustee position and had talked to Steve Swander to fill this position. Anita made a motion and Maria seconded, to have Steve fill the position. Motion passed. Andy would like to get more information out about ORCSA in some publications, like "The Horseman's Corral",as an example, to help get us exposure as to who and what we do. Al Sidell will look into this for us. Next Andy asked it ORCSA would like to donate in some sort to the World Clydesdale Show for this Fall in Madison, WI. Discussion followed and a motion was made by Maria and seconded by Al to send $100 for a donation to the World Show on our behalf The motion passed and, Brenda will send this donation to Cathy Behn, Secretary for the Clydesdale Breeders of the USA. Andy asked if any one has had any contact with Mark Main, who offered to host the Summer Picnic for 2011. Andy will look into this. The Equine Affaire was discussed next and Tim made a motion that ORCSA be a part of this event again. Daryl asked Maria if she'd oversee this again for us. Maria replied that is was a difficult job to get it all together and really did not want to do it. She wondered if this was just too much of a burden for us to participate. A question was asked if ORCSA could help out financially to have some one on hand for the whole event. Andy offered to pay for the stall for this event. Maria then offered to oversee our horse on Thursday and Friday but did not want to be stuck at the stall all day long for the 2 days. Tim and Mary offered to furnish the horse for the stall for Thursday, Friday and Saturday and would also bring his hitch for the Breed Demo on Sunday. Tim and Mary will over see the Breed demo and Dixie offered to help. A motion was made by Tim and seconded by Daryl to furnish money for a motel for Thursday night for Maria. Motion passed. We will need volunteers to cover the booth for the duration of the event. Emily suggested we also get involved with the Breed Segment in the Youth Pavilion as long as we are there. It covers a 10 minute period of time to talk about and educate the youth about our breeds. There are a lot of kids and their parents at this, and it will be a great opportunity to promote our draft horses. Maria will look into this as well.

Next item covered was to ask if anyone was going to be doing any parades or shows to let Brandon, our web master, know so that he can put something on the site and then our members could inquire about helping out the participants or just show up for moral support. This will help to keep everyone informed. Loren asked if ORCSA would like to help out with the Governor's Cup funds. Tim said we should ask for supporters to help out, like our local vets, feed stores or tack stores, etc. Tim and Mary will be in the Governor's Cup as exhibitors with their 6 up hitch of Clydesdales. Brenda made a motion and Norm seconded to adjourn this meeting. Meeting adjourned at 12:55 pm.

An afterthought of this meeting: Dixie Golliday offered to host our Spring Fling Get together at their farm. Dixie will get back with Anita with possible dates and directions.