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December 11, 2004
General Membership Meeting held at the OSF grounds Columbus, Ohio

President Deb Bechstein called the meeting to order at 11:50 am. A sign- in sheet was passed for members to sign in.

A call for the reading of the minutes was made and the secretary read the minutes from the August 13, 2004 membership meeting held during the Ohio State Fair. A call for additions or corrections was made with Andy stating that he did not want to be the person to submit articles to "The Corral", just maybe someone could from our membership. The minutes stand as read-Next was the call for the Treasurer's report with Brenda stating that as of today, 12-11-04, we had receipts of $3536.08, expenses to date were $2810.66 with a balance of $725.42. So far, 2005 trophies paid for were $525 and 2005 dues collected of $254. Total balance now is $1504.42. All bills have been paid to date.

A motion was made at our All Breed Meeting this morning to cut a check for $50 from each breed association to Ron Mack to help with his expenses for organising the horse show at die OSF. Also we have had in the past, an ad in the Ohio State Fair Program which costs $150. We will have this ad again in 2005. These will be in the 2005 expenses.

Membership dues for 2005 are $18 for single membership and $25 for family. Dues are good from January 1 to Decembers 1 of the present year.

A call for old business was made.
Anita reported on the Website for ORCSA. The cost for individual links to the site is $10 for data per farm/person and $1 per picture up to 5 pictures (correction--now up to ten photos). We are requesting our members to submit their information so we can continue to expand our website. The site is Anita made up a Website form for our membership to use in helping with getting the information to Brandon Knapp, our webmaster. If any one wants a form Anita has some with her today or will send one via mail or email.

Andy reported on our Social event in October. Ten members came and enjoyed the day. Col. Norm Srucky did have 2 of his horses there driving the courses. Our group rode on the farm's wagon with a team of Percherons and toured the farm grounds. We visited while we enjoyed our picnics, and everyone expressed that we should do this next year. We hope to have some more get togethers in 2005. Deb thanked Andy for all his work and efforts on this event. We want to make this our Fall social event.

Deb reported on Ways and Means. She has some samples of our logo on some shirts and caps. Deb will continue to work on this project. She will also get more information on the proposed powered scooter/raffle.

We will ask Brandon Knapp, our webmaster, to work on a brochure for us for recruiting new members.

Anita drew up some Youth Representative guidelines with input from Sandy Weldy for our Representatives. A list of guidelines will be included in these minutes. Please start thinking about our 2005 Rep. It would be nice to have our young members/helpers/relatives consider applying for this "job" and hopefully consider it an honor to represent our Shires and Clydesdales in Ohio. Please talk to your young ones and ask them to consider being our Rep. We will look into the possibility of a Ohio State Fair Queen and if and how our Reps could qualify or would compete for this contest.

Our 2005 Picnic will be at Al and Maria Sidell's place. Date and time will be announced later. Deb asked for input on this and it was thought that Sunday would be the better day, but the Sidells will decide and let us know what works for them.

A call for any other old business was made.

Discussed the committee lists and asked for volunteers to fill the committees. Sandy Weldy will be our Rep committee chairperson. The Hospitality Room at the OSF will be covered by Linda, Dan Walker and their son. Discussion followed on how it is done and what to bring. We will pass a list at our picnic for volunteers to contribute food and drinks for the Room. There is a large cooler in the room for our use plus we can bring portable coolers to keep food. Loren and Brenda will serve on the By-Laws committee. Andy will remain on the social committee. This completed the call for old business.

A call for new business was made. Deb introduced our new President - Al Sidell and turned over her books. Al continued the running of the meeting and stated that he had owned a Clyde in 1992 and also a Shire, but has been shoeing them for 29 years. He thanked everyone for their vote. Al called for new business and the Equine Affaire for 2005 was discussed. It will cost $525 for a booth and $625 for a horse stall. Dan and Linda Walker volunteered to run the booth. The expense is substantial for us and we will contact our Nationals to see if they can help fund our participation. The dates are April 7-10, 2005. Maria asked how willing were our Nationals to help, and Al will look into this. It might be too late for 2005 but we need to be thinking ahead to 2006. This is a good opportunity for exposure to our breeds. Discussed the possibility of getting sponsors to help us. Tim Dyer asked about our National Clydesdale Education Fund and if there was any chance that this could help out. Al will contact the Clydesdale Breeders of the USA and inquire on these questions. Gary Shively and the Walkers will man the committee for Equine Affaire. Al will contact Sharon McLin, from American Shire Association, to see if they can assist.

We need to nominate someone for our All Breed Rep for 2005 for OSF. Tim Myers was nominated and voted in as our Clyde Rep. Gary Shively is our Shire Rep.

Al would like our organization to meet informally for every season, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. We have our Summer picnic and Andy's Fall event. Al asked for volunteers to put something together for this. Tim Dyer volunteered for a March 19 meet at 1:00pm at his home. We will have pot luck and it will be a Fun Day. We will get directions out to all the members soon. It was decided to have the Picnic on June 12 at 1:00 pm at the Sidell's. Everyone is to bring a covered dish to share; we will have our Chinese Auction and an Educational speaker or clinic. There will be more info on the picnic at a later time. Mark your calendars!

June is also the Ohio Expo Show with dates of June 24.25. and 26. Tim Myers made a motion to donate $175 for a sponsorship for this Show. Dan Walker seconded, motion passed. A check will be sent to Jacque Honsberger, Ohio Draft Horse Exposition Show.

Theresa Shively reported on the Trophy Sponsor Committee status. Contact Theresa if you would like to sponsor a class at the OSF. The Fair will give out 2 complimentary passes and parking pass for the show days to anyone who sponsors a class before the end of December 2004. We did have a problem this past year as some of our sponsors did not receive the passes. We need to get our trophy sponsorships in by the end of December to qualify for the passes. We still have 18 classes to find sponsors for. If anyone wants to sponsor a class, let Theresa know and make your check out to ORCSA. After December 4, 2004, the cost for a sponsorship is $45.

Our Wagon Ride held at the Carriage Hill Farms near Dayton will be our Fall social event. We will need some place for a winter get together also. Al noted that our group is progressing forward and this was a good thing to be happening. Al also stated that he will be willing to talk to any one who has any concerns or questions about ORCSA.

Our 2005 officers and trustees were named. President is Al Sidell, Vice-president is Loren Damschroder, Treasurer is Brenda Damschroder and Secretary is Anita Guiher, our Trustees are Richard Forthofer, Andy Kavalauskas and Tim Myers.

A Big "Thank you" was given to Deb Bechstein, our outgoing President and Norm Guiher, our outgoing Trustee.

A call for the meeting to adjourned was made. Dan Walker made a motion to adjourn, Norm Guiher seconded. Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted.
Anita Guiher
Secretary, ORCSA