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ORCSA General Membership Meeting Minutes-December 10, 2005 held in Columbus, Ohio at the OSF Grounds

President Al Sidell called the meeting to order at 11:50 am, and the Secretary gave a summarized reading of the August 12, 2005 General Membership Meeting, since the minutes had been mailed out in the Fall Newsletter. A motion was made, seconded and passed to accept the minutes. The Treasurer's Report was handed out and reviewed. As of 12-10-05, we have a balance of $480.80 in the checking account. Outstanding bills include a payment of $30 times 2 for the 2003 and 2006 Ohio State Fair's small Governor's Cup Trophy, postage for the last newsletter and $50 donation for Ron Mack's expenses for being the liaison for the OSF Draft Horse Show. Also not reported yet, are dues collected from 8 memberships renewals and 7 trophy sponsorships for 2006. It was explained that Carolyn Piergallini, Secretary of the Ohio Belgian Association will be ordering the Governor's Cup Trophies and will then bill ORCS A for the two small trophies. She will send the bill to Al, who then forward it to Brenda for payment. A call for a motion to accept the Treasurer's Report was made, which was done, seconded and passed. It was suggested that our Secretary send the David Haxton Family a "thank you" for their generous donation for the 2006 big traveling OSF Governor's Cup Trophy.

Old Business was next covered. Tim Myers reported on the committee's proposed Youth Show Guidelines. He handed out the first draft and asked for comments. He noted that the Clydesdales and Shires did not have any type of guidelines in the OSF book for our youth exhibitors, even though there are something in the rules and regulations covering the Belgians and Percherons. This has been addressed to the OSF people and it will be resolved for this upcoming year and thereafter. It was also discussed at the OSF meeting today that no youth exhibitors will be allowed to show any stallions in any of the youth classes that are older than the present year's foal, (must be under 1 year old in the current year). Open classes will not be addressed on this issue. It was hoped that people will use "some common sense" in showing stallions in the Open classes. It was felt that there are a lot of new people in the draft horse competition arena today and there needs to be some guidelines set up for everyone's safety. Our guidelines will state that no youths will be allowed to show stallions in youth classes unless they are colts (stallions) born in the current show year. Also discussed the issue of male exhibitors wearing coats or vests when exhibiting in the Hitch Classes. We want everyone to use common sense in regards to the heat of the outdoor summer shows and whether the show is being held indoors, such as OSF, or outdoors at the local county fairs. We will need to get our changes and recommendations to the OSF Draft Horse Department now so it can be incorporated in the rules for the 2006 OSF. All rules established by the OSF Board will be in effect, but can also be superseded by our ORCSA rules, when approved by the OSF Board. We need to get the issues of the aged stallion rule into the OSF Board. Tim Myers will put together a formal letter for the OSF Draft Horse management covering our requests on our guidelines. Later, we will get these new guidelines out to our membership prior to the start of the 2006 show season. Motion make by Kory Weldy and seconded by Andy Kalvaluskas that our youth class exhibitors will not be allowed to show any stallions 1 year or older (only allowed will be foals of the current year) in any youth classes. This motion passed. Tim will continue to monitor these issues.

Brenda and Loren reported that the revised By-Laws are completed and in effect and state that an individual membership is entitled to a single vote and a family membership is entitled to two votes, no matter how many family members. The current revised By-Laws will be put on our website ( and will be accessible there by the membership. If anyone does not have access to the internet, a request for a paper copy can be made to the Secretary and then it will be sent to you. We will make this website our official location for our By-Laws and here after any changes or additions will be reflected on this site, after the appropriate action to revise them has bee completed. Any new members will be given a set of the current By-Laws when they become current paid up members.

President Al talked about our 2005 Fall outing and thanked everyone who helped and participated. He hoped everyone had a good time and noted that for those who didn't come, for whatever reasons, missed out on a fun experience. New Business items covered.

President Al gave a Big thank you to Loren Damschroder, our outgoing Vice-President and a Big welcome to Sam Borck, the new Vice-President.

2006 Equine Affaire will be held at the Ohio State Fair grounds in Columbus on April 6-9, 2006. Al wanted to know if we want to be involved again and if so, what do we want to do. It is felt that this is a promotional event for our Breeds, and we don't make a money at it but sometimes we do get a new membership out of the exposure there. This an expensive event, but does help to promote the Clydesdale and Shire horses to the general public. Hopefully this year, we will have more time to get prepared for our exhibit and a have a better stall setup and position. It costs $165 for a stall, $215 for a corner stall. Discussion followed on the pros and cons of us being there and displaying our breeds and also participating in the Breed Demos. Kory Weldy made a motion and Daryl seconded that we proceed with going to the Equine Affaire and pursue getting a corner stall (costing $215) for our set up. Motion passed. Maria Sidell will chair and organize our group's participation at this event. We than a pledge for $200; $50 each from Andy and Daryl, Gary and Theresa, Norm and Anita, and Sam and Angie to help cover the cost of the corner stall. Maria will send in the paper work ASAP for our participation. Club Activities were the next items covered. We hoped to have our Spring gathering in February or March and it was then decided to have Feb. 18 as the date set for this get together with a snow (weather) day of March 4. Gary asked if we could meet at a public place instead of a member's place. Kory and Theresa will look into finding a place to meet and get it set up before the next newsletter.

Summer Picnic will be at Sam and Angie Borck's home and the date for this is May 21.2006. More on this will be covered in the Spring newsletter.

Fall Outing - 2nd annual Fun weekend at the Guiher's farm, with a date to be announced later. We will be looking a dates in October and will let everyone know what weekend will be picked. Winter Event is always in Columbus at the OSF All Draft Horse Meeting, but we are thinking of getting those of us who attend the OSF meeting, and anyone other members who want to join us, to meet after the OSF meeting, as a group, for a late lunch or dinner at a local restaurant in the Columbus area.

President Al would like to start a scrapbook for this organization. We'd like to gather some pictures and/ or some stories about our members and put these into a scrapbook. Sandy Weldy and her sister, Sharon will oversee this project. Our youth rep, Emilee Edwards, brought and presented her wonderful scrapbook of her past year's events and experiences to our organization.

She also gave a report on her activities with her mom's assistance. We all gave Sharon, Emilee's mother a round of applause for all her work and time given to keep Emilee going to all the shows and fairs last year and thanked them both for a job well done.

Gary asked if there will any concerns with last year's OSF. He noted that 2006 OSF will be the site for the National Shire Show. Discussion followed on the time issues for the layout of classes. Scheduling has been hard to keep in regards to the way classes have been laid out. Tim Myers will propose some changes in pay outs and placings in classes and also time schedules for the classes. Some classes are too close for exhibitors to be ready for the next classes, and then as a result the exhibitors are scratching the classes. We need to start our petitions for changes even if it can't be done for 2006, some thing needs to be started now for future improvements. Tim with work with Sam and Maria on these proposals.

President Al reminded everyone that the 2006 membership dues are due.

Theresa wants to wrap up the trophy sponsorships by the end of December, 2005. Sponsorships are $30 for 2006. Since the National Shire Show will be going on at the OSF, Theresa will be asking the National Shire Association for some sponsorships and has hopes of filling all the openings soon.

Anita asked for Stallion listings and Classified ads for this upcoming newsletter. If anyone has anything they want, want to sell or buy or trade, let Anita know and it will be put in the newsletters.

President Al called for a motion to adjourn; motion was made and seconded. Meeting adjourned at l:35pm.

Anita L. Guiher ORCSA Secretary