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Ohio Belgian Breeders Assoc.
Ohio percheroen Assoc.
Ohio Clydesdale and Shire Assoc.
Ohio Draft Pony Asssoc.
Registered Haflinger Assoc.

The annual meeting of the above was held at the Ohio Sate Fair grounds Saturday December 8, 2007 at 10:00 AM

(These are not the official minutes, just my notes)

Reading of minutes

Rom Mack spoke about the hold up with the premium checks and said that all the checks should be out in the mail or on their way.

Mary Lou Mack spoke about the problems with the hospitality room, it was not open due to a misunderstanding on Thursday and Friday. It will be open on Friday if the Clydesdale/shire breeders want it open.

Some of the classes have been changed from Friday to Thursday to help with the schedule.

The Percheron Breeders are in charge of the Governors Cup this year. The judges nominated were: John Trundel and Travis Fox, voting was done, Travis Fox as the first choice. He will be the judge Monday through Wednesday.

The Nominations for Clydesdale/Shire judge: Ron Wismer, Allan Freetag, and John Trundel

Votes were taken, Allen Freetag is the judge with 17 votes.

Summitted: by Angie Borck