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Joint Meeting of Draft Horse Groups held at Ohio Expo Center Dec. 13,2008

Meeting called to order. Opened with Tom Steinbrick. Tom introduced Virgil Strickler, Ohio State Fair Manager. Virgil spoke about his background with the equine industry and agriculture. The went on to explain that Ohio State Fair is in financial straights. Funding from the State legislature is down from $800,00 some years ago to $340,000 today. Therefore some cuts will be made in the show, be unsure where those cuts may take place. Strickler is asking each group to look at their show schedule and try to do some reŽarranging, that might benefit the show. Strickler went on the say the show was we well attended, especially the Governors Cup, and how much people love to come to the draft horse show.

Ron Mack was introduced.

Ron Mack spoke highly of Virgil and his support for the draft horse show.

Ron opened up with old business, none was mentioned.

New business- the funding for the Governor's Cup is questionable due to Bill Burgett possibly shutting his hitch down. In the past Bill Burgett has managed to bring a lot of support to the funding of the Governor's Cup with his business contacts. We may need to find other support for the Governor's Cup some where else. It is the Clydesdale/ Shire groups' turn to sponsor the Governor's cup trophy this year $45 is needed.

Some discussion about the Governors Cup series- as it happened the show committee, or someone in the show office did not make the payment for the dues to the Classic Six series. Therefore, the show did not qualify for points. Therefore, the hitches that participated this year did not receive their points and were, in some cases, eliminated from competing in the finals for the Classic Six Series Trophy and Championships. Larry Honsbarger said he would make sure this did not occur again and that the fees were paid.

Some discussion about the Ohio Eastern States Sale took place. The sale has been dissolved and the questions about the remaining funds were brought up.

Nominations were taken for hitch and halter judges.

John Cundell was nominated, as was Don Lowes for the first half of the week. Voting took place and Don Lowes was elected.

John Cundell, Junior Klein, and Alan Fretag were nominated for the second part of the week, voting took place and Junior Klein was elected.

Dr. Stone spoke about the Ohio Equine Coalition and Steve Wicker sham was as present and talked a little about their organization.

Meeting Adjourned

(Unofficial minutes taken by Angie Borck)