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All Breed Draft Horse and Pony Show Meeting - December 10. 2011 at 9:00am held at the Ohio State Fair Grounds at 10:00am

Highlights from the December 10. 2011 All Breed Draft Horse and Pony Show Meeting, held in Columbus at the Ohio State Fair Grounds at 10:00am.

Minutes were handed out and motioned to accept them and since there was no Old Business, New Business was next on the agenda. This was conducted by Ron Mack, liaison spokesman for the Fair. David Hershberger. a fair exhibitor, without medical insurance, is under going cancer treatments and is in need of financial help for the mounting medical expenses. Ron had a box for collections from any one who wished to donate money. Ron ask Larry Honsberger about the numbers of horses in the halter classes for Percherons and Belgians, and he reported that OSF is #2 in the nation for the numbers for these breeds. Judy Peters/OSF Horse Show Representative wants to make it even better. Ron reported that the show for 2012 will have one judge for halter classes and one for hitch classes for the first half of the week and only one judge for both halter and hitch for the last half of the week. He also stated that OSF paid out $66,155.00 in premiums for all the horse show classes for the entire fair. The dates for the 2012 Ohio State Fair for us are July 30-August 5. The Thursday and Friday exhibitors are having trouble in making some of their classes on time, so the Fair is thinking of putting on some "fill in" farm classes/demos to buy time for horses and harness changes needed for the hitch classes. They also want to have an ALL BREED CART CLASS to help promote the smaller farms that don't have big hitches. The Fair would like to have a $1000 - $1500 payout for this one class and hopefully, in the future add an ALL BREED TEAM CLASS. The Governor's Cup Class needs to get more information out for the spectators on the hitches that are showing. Plus more time and recognition needs to be given to the Sponsors of all the classes.

A short report on just the first ''part" of the week's Hospitality Room was given.

Next item covered was nominations for the 2012 Judges. Nominated for the first half of the week: Brian Lynch, Randy Darrer .and Gordy Pazicka and nominations were closed with a vote being taken of all present because of the "proposed" new All Breed Cart Class possibility. First choice was Randy Darrer; then a second vote was taken between Brian and Gordy. Brian Lynch will be the second choice. Next, nominations were taken for the 2nd half of the week's hitch classes and nominated were Mark Sparrow, Bud Miller, Bob Robertson, Marion Young and Ron Wismer. Nominations closed and the vote was taken with first choice being Mark Sparrow and the second choice will be Bud Miller.

The Belgian Association folks will be the sponsor of the 2012 Governor's Cup Class Trophy. Motion was made and seconded to adjourn this meeting, which then adjourned at 1 l:00am.