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Highlights of the 2005 Ohio State Fair All Draft Horse Breed Meeting on Dec. 10,2005, held in Columbus, Ohio

Meeting was called to order at 10:25am and the minutes were handed out and accepted. Question was brought up on how the Panel for Hitch Judges was to be used. It was explained that the committee is be used to find a judge if the voted in judge can not perform the job.

It was decided that the Haflinger and Draft Pony exhibitors will vote as one and not have separate votes.

The Ohio State Fair dates for 2006 are August 7-12. This will also be the site for the National Shire Show for this year.

Nominations for the Percheron and Belgian Hitch Judge were taken from the floor. Nominated were: Steve Gregg, Travis Fox and Chad Cole. Motion was made and seconded to close the nominations and a vote was taken from all the hitch exhibitors present. The outcome was: 1st choice: Steve Gregg; 2nd choice was a tie, so a re-vote was taken and Travis Fox was voted for 2nd choice.

Nominations were taken for the Clydesdale and Shire Hitch Judge with Travis Fox, Chad Cole, Cheri Moleski and Danny Langille being nominated. Motion was made and seconded to close the nominations with a vote resulting in Chad Cole as 1st choice, Danny Langille as 2nd, Travis Fox as 3rd and Cheri Moleski as 4th. The choices will be contacted and notification will released at a later time as to who the judges will be.

Discussion followed on the OSF Governor's Cup for 2006. ORCSA is responsible for the 2006 small trophy as well as for paying for the 2003 trophy. Al Sidell, President of ORCSA, told the group that ORCSA is still awaiting a bill so that it can be paid. It was noted that Ron Mack had expressed the desire to buy about 6 of these smaller trophies (this is. the one that the winner gets for keep) and that we'd have them on hand for the next few years. Since the Big trophy was handed out in 2005, for keeps, another big trophy will be needed. At this time, Steve Haxton, representing the David Haxton Family, volunteered to sponsor the Big Governor's Cup Trophy purchase for 2006. It was felt that the OSF folks needed to establish some rules which would explain how the Governor's Cup Trophy is handled. A motion was made and seconded that one breed group would be responsible for ordering the smaller cup trophies and bill the appropriate breed sponsor for that year. Carolyn Piergallini, Secretary of the Ohio Belgian Association will take care of this.

Discussion followed on the dates of the 2006 Ohio Exposition Draft Horse Show, which will be June 23,24, and 25.

Mary Lou Mack thanked everyone for their help and support for the 2005 OSF Hospitality Room. They served about 360 meals between Monday and Wednesday. She is planning for 2006 now and will make sure there will be more food available. She reported that she had $600 from the breed associations and donations to help pay for the food and supplies. They hope to have the air conditioning working again for that room.

Next item covered was the guidelines for our Youth exhibitors. It was decided that the Youth not show aged stallions in the Youth classes and this should be in the General Draft Horse Rules for the Ohio State Fair. It was further decided that aged stallions will be any horse (stallion) one year old or older of the current show year. This will pertain to all Youth classes and not Open classes - however, this group felt "some common sense" should be used in the decision for showing in Open classes. A motion was made and seconded to have these changes put in the rules for all Draft Horse Breed Divisions - which would read as, In all Youth classes, a youth exhibitor can show only a colt (stallion) born in the current year.

The Ohio State Fair Program will be done again, if the person who did it for 2005 is willing to take on the job again. It was felt that this program was helpful for the exhibitors.

It was discussed that Ron Mack be compensated for his expenses as the OSF liaison for the Draft Horse Show. A motion was made and seconded that each state breed organization will send Ron Mack $50 to help with his expenses.

Motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting and meeting adjourned at 11:35am.