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ORCSA Executive Board Meeting - July 31,2011 held at Norm and Anita Guiher's home at 2:30 pm

President Andy called the meeting to order at 2:30pm and since the minutes had been sent out in the mail, Lynn Muller made a motion and Norm Guiher seconded it, to by pass the reading of the minutes. Motion passed. Brenda Damschroder had emailed her Financial Report to Anita earlier and it was handed out and reviewed. Norm made a motion and Lynn seconded it to accept the report. Motion passed.

Andy asked the Board to look over and sign up for our various committees. We need help with the committees. The secretary reviewed our present committees and who are serving on these committees and the responsibilities. We would like some more members to step up and help out. Some of the committees are not very involved and run themselves, and others are more time consuming....but it would just be nice to have help.

Andy stated that Mark Main "sort of offered" to have our Fall outing and he will talk to Mark at the Ohio State Fair to confirm that he will host it.

Brenda had reported a Trophy problem developed after our listings where sent to the Ohio State Fair Show office and the printed listings on the internet site did not match with what was submitted. The gelding class did not exist and the geldings were now combined with the grade mares, and geldings could be registered or we had a trophy sponsorship for a gelding class that didn't exist. Brenda had consulted with Judy Peters, Show Department Head and there were difficulties all along this year, which now resulted with Brenda not wanting to handle this project for next year. Judy Peters has approached Brenda about the Fair taking over the trophy project, but there would not be any recognition for the sponsors on the trophies, which would be * rather generic. We would just collect money and submit the trophy applications to the Fair Show Office and they would control who sponsored what. This year there were changes by the Fair Office on what they gave back the trophy sponsors in regards to passes. This year, a sponsorship received 3 Day passes and only 1 Day Parking pass which was a major change from past practice. The Board felt that if we don't have someone to oversee our trophies, then we will have to let the Fair folks take it over. We will talk about this more at the General Membership Meeting next week. We feel the Fair folks want all the trophies to be similar, but we feel it is nice to get something that is not just a traditional trophy. This committee project was tabled until the General membership meeting.

Do we want to change our ad in the "Draft Horse Journal", was the next topic of discussion. Do we want more information on the ad - Andy asked. Having the phone numbers on it works but do we want more names and numbers on it? After discussing this at length, it was decided to have the secretary's name, address and phone number plus the names and phone numbers of our Breed Trustees, with a complete listing of the Board members and members on our web site. We will add something like " for a member near you" go to Todd noted that the American Shire Association sends out invoices at the end of the year for renewal of dues and that we might want to consider doing something like that to help the membership remember to send in their dues and renewal applications.

Next question put to the Board was to the fact of changing anything in how we operate as an organization, since the economy is still so bad right now and the future looks pretty dismal. Discussion followed and it was felt that we need to stay with what we are doing and keep encouraging people to come to our activities and being involved. We should put off any changes until the December meeting and just see how things are going for the rest of this year. If we disband, our part in the Ohio State Fair will be over as well. The Regional Shire Show is thinking of moving out of the OSF mainly due to the expenses and difficulties with the OSF. The Ohio Buckeye Draft Horse Association is active in the Southern Part of Ohio, and they are offering a very interesting show for this fall, which Todd and Emily plan to attend and show their Shires.

We now went back to the Trophy situation and it was felt that there are more questions that need to be addressed before we agree to turn over the trophy project to the State Fair folks. We will need to talk with Brenda and Tim some more before we do commit to their offer. We are wondering if we will lose more sponsorships if we turn this over to the Fair.

Next item discussed was the results of the Survey that Anita had put out this Spring. We only received 2 responses which were reviewed. The results of the survey indicated that we should consider having more clinics/seminars to draw more people to our association and our horses. We could ask for donations if we decide to open this possibility to outsiders such as 4-H Clubs, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts and also the Ohio Horse Council. By going to a "hands on" event and have our membership meetings at different times, we could have more time devoted to activities and not business.

Todd and Emily reported that this year's Shire Classes will be a big show at Ohio State Fair due to the number of entries that have filed for the upcoming show.

Andy asked that we be thinking of possible officer nominations which will be conducted at the General Membership Meeting next week.

Also covered was the possible updating of our ORCSA Brochure with more current photos which would show more facets of what our horses can and are able to perform. We can have Steve Swander update the pictures. Andy asked that we look over our photos and help get some new ones to Anita to forward on to Steve.

Andy called for New Business which ended up being about whether we will have a General Membership Meeting at the Ohio State Fair, since there were not very many of our people showing horses this year. After further talk, it was decided to go ahead and conduct a meeting at the State Fair, on August 5, 2011 at 9:00am.

Daryl made a motion and Mary Muller seconded the motion to adjourn....meeting adjourned at 4:00pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Anita L. Guiher