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ORCSA Executive Board Meeting – 5/23/2010 @ 1:00pm
Held at Norm and Anita Guiher’s home

After a potluck lunch, President Al Sidell called the meeting to order and a call for the minutes was made. Andy made a motion and Tim seconded it to accept the minutes as written since the board had received a copy to review prior to this meeting.

Since Brenda was not able to be here, Al went over our financial report. It was noted that we have 33 current memberships. Tim has some funds from the sales of the ORCSA decals and bumper stickers to give to Brenda. Anita had purchased some T-shirts with pockets to have sewn with our logo and will have them ready to sell at the picnic meeting. Lynn asked if there were any bills from the Equine Affaire that needed to be paid. It was noted that the stall for our display had not been paid for yet by Mark Main, who had offered at our December 2009 meeting, to pay the stall fee. Our treasurer will need to contact him to see if he still plans to pay for the stall. ORCSA has paid the bill for this, and she will contact Mark to see if he still plans to reimburse us. It was agreed that the Equine Affaire stall was very nice and did generate a lot of visitors and that all of our volunteers that participated had a good time. Lynn asked if Brandon Knapp, our web master, had sent in his yearly bill yet and was told that it would be discussed at the summer meeting. Brandon had asked Anita if we would like our officers’ email addresses on the site, in case some one would want to contact an officer directly through email. Discussion followed and the board felt we could talk about this with membership at the picnic meeting. Another idea presented by Brandon to Anita, was the possibility of the officers having a small photo next to their name and address listings. Brandon felt it would enhance the site and give it a nice touch. We will talk about this too at the picnic meeting.

Al felt the Equine Affaire went very well, although we were short on horses for the Breed Demo since the Larsons could not come at the last minute. It was noted that Mark Main had a problem not having the necessary papers on file that would allow him to participate in the Demo. Discussion followed on this situation. Marla wondered if we, ORCSA, could offer a stipend for someone to bring in horses early in the week so that we would have horses available for the stall display earlier in the show. Andy felt the Equine Affaire is our best opportunity to promote our breeds, as an organization. Our idea of the stall door being open and spotlighted brings the visitors to the stall. It would be nice if our members who live closer to the Columbus area could furnish the horses for the stalls and other members volunteer to “man” the stall during the event. Lynn asked if it would be possible to have our own Clyde Demo, like the Shire Association has, but it was agreed that it would be difficult for enough horses and members to be there during the week days to put on the demo.

We made some trophy changes at our last general membership meeting. We did have some discussion on the changes that Todd and Emily wanted, but since we had already decided what trophies/classes we’d cover, we ‘d have to make the changes for next year’s fair at another membership meeting. The changes need to be done prior to the deadlines. The Ohio State Fair Office are the folks to approach about adding or changing things for the fair. Judy Peters is the Fair contact. Since the Shire Association wants the Ohio State Fair to be one of its regional shows, they need to communicate directly with Judy Peters/OSF, to decide what is required and needed. ORCSA has no input on this matter. Al will contact Brenda to get a current listing of classes for this year’s fair and hopefully, we will have this listing by the time of the picnic. We have 17 paid sponsorships as of today, and Al thought we would need about 22 trophies for adult classes and 4-5 trophies for the junior classes. We usually get more sponsors at the picnic meeting. Andy asked if we were still doing two- year sponsorship packages. But since this had caused some confusion for the members as to whether they were current or not on their trophies, it was decided to just go a year at a time. Daryl asked if we’d have ORCSA sponsored trophies for classes that didn’t get a sponsor. It was decided that we could sponsor a couple of the classes that didn’t have sponsors.

Question was asked about our Youth Representative for 2010, and Anita reported that Angie Borck, our chairperson for this, had not received any applications as of yet. William Muller had indicated that he would like to serve another year as our Representative.

Al asked if we would like to make any changes to “The Draft Horse Journal” ad. It was decided that it would be price prohibited to go color or have a bigger ad. Our ad is randomly place in the magazine depending on the layout of the issue. Anita reported that our present three inch ad costs $285.00 for the year and that a color 1/3 page ad (smallest color size) would cost $1845.00 for the year. Andy stated that we need to get a State of Ohio map for a layout of our membership locations. This has been an ongoing project that needs to be completed so that we can add this to our display items for the Equine Affaire. We decided we would stay with the present size ad.

Discussion about farm links on our web site was next on the agenda. A couple of our members, who were not current on the dues, had links on the site for 1- 2 years; so since so much time had lapsed, Anita told Brandon to remove their links. They have renewed their dues this year and will have to re-submit their farm link information and pictures, which Brandon will rework the link for them. The form and information is on the site with the costs for the computer work. Daryl asked if we needed a rule on this, but it was felt we could just note it on the form concerning membership being current.

Al talked about our outings for the year and the “calendar” we were suppose to have for member activities throughout the year. We do have a Spring get together, Equine Affaire, Summer picnic, and a Fall workshop/seminar. The clinic for our picnic was discussed. Al would like to have a little conformation class at the picnic using Myron and Eleanor Knapp’s horses. He would like to do a standing conformation class where each horse would be looked at individually. Anita plans to contact her local vet for a dentistry DVD to play. This DVD is very good and easy to understand and very informative. Brenda will oversee the Chinese Auction with Marla’s help. We will have Eleanor keep receipts for what her expenses are for the picnic and submit them to Brenda for reimbursement. Marla has offered to help with the hospitality stall at the Ohio State Fair. We will discuss this further at the picnic meeting. Al asked Anita to talk about the Canadian Equine Drill Team, which is on a short video on her computer. After showing the video to the Board, Anita thought this would be an excellent opportunity to show off and promote the Clydesdales and Shires in a fashion that would bring so much attention and visibility for our breeds. It was noted that this would be a time consuming project and it would take a lot of dedication and commitment on the team’s part….but, it would be quite an accomplishment for us. Lynn asked about the research on insurance for ORCSA, and Tim and Norm both said it was very involved, lots of paperwork and expensive in cost. Norm reported a quote of about $480/per outing, with the more events, the cheaper it would be. At this time, we don’t feel we are doing anything that would warrant this expense.

Tim made a motion to adjourned, Mary seconded and the meeting adjourned at 2:05 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

ORCSA Secretary

Anita L. Guiher