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ORCSA Executive Board Meeting 11/08/09, 10:00am held at Al and Maria Sidells home

After our brunch was over, President Al called the meeting to order at 11:00am. In attendance were: Pres. Al and Maria Sidell, Alysa Myers, Todd Riedel and Emily, Brenda and Loren Damschroder, Lynn, Mary and William Muller, Tim and Mary Myers, Andy Kavalauskas and Daryl Jones, and Norm and Anita Guiher. Since our last Board meeting was held in 2005, Al dismissed the reading of the last board meeting minutes. Brenda, our Treasurer, handed out and reviewed our financial report, which was accepted.

New Business:

Al welcomed our newly elected officers to the board and introduced Todd , as our new Shire Trustee and renewed member. Al also welcomed Lynn Muller, as our new Vice President and congratulated Brenda on her re-election and past secretary, Anita Guiher, as the new secretary. Daryl Jones, our election ballot tabulator, reported that we only received 14 ballots back for this election...kind of a poor return. Discussion on voting took place and how to improve our balloting, with a possibility of sending out the ballots separately, instead of including them in the newsletter.

**NOTE** - from our By-Laws, terms of office are such: President and Vice President elected alternately, for 2 year terms, with a maximum 3 consecutive terms, Treasurer and Secretary 1 year term, elected yearly, unlimited terms, and Trustees elected for 3 year terms, one Trustee each year, no limit on terms.

Trophies and Ohio State Fair

In the past every class got some sort of trophy, provided by our members, ORCSA and American Shire Assoc., in addition to the ribbons and premium pay outs from the Fair. Al opened for discussion on how we can trim down on the number of trophies we give out. It was decided to give trophies to the Grand Champion Stallions, Mares and Geldings for both breeds, Ohio Best Owned and Bred Shire and Clydesdale Stallion and Mare, all Youth classes, Junior and Senior Showmanship and all Hitch classes. Mary Myers made a motion to eliminate trophies for all first place halter classes, give trophies to all Grand Champion Classes for both breeds, all youth classes and all hitch classes. Daryl Jones seconded the motion, motion passed.

Ohio State Fair Judges

Tim reported that we need to nominate and pick our halter judges for both Shires and Clydes prior to the All Breed Draft Horse Show Meeting in Columbus on December 12. The Fair will pick the hitch judge from our nominations. We now opened for nominations and discussions, and we nominated Erin Frietag, Junior Klein, Al Sidell and Jason Honsberger. Tim will contact them and check on their availability and willingness to judge, so we can present our nominations at the Dec. 12 meeting in Columbus. Todd will check the Shire Association List of Potential Judges and get back with Tim on this. It was noted that the Shire Assoc. has a rule that you can not judge a show if you own or ever owned a Shire in a particular halter class. They have an approved list of judges to select from. At this time, the Shire folks do not know if the 2010 Ohio State Fair will be a National or Regional show; this will not be known until sometime in January. Todd and Emily will follow up on this and also noted that the judge does not have to be a Shire breeder but prefer them to be in this regional area for cost purposes.

What is the Direction of this Association

Question put to us by our president. Al noted that active members are down, involvement is down, we need to grow and be an active voice for our breeds. How can we accomplish any progress for this association? Al would like have a membership drive - to bring in new members and renew old members. Between now and our Summer Picnic, we will have a drive to gain membership, with a prize for the most new members brought in by any current member. Al would like to start a committee to come up with ideas for this group to pull in new members and activities. Tim, Todd and Mary Muller and their "better halves" will make up this committee and start work on this project. We need to talk to people and let them know we have Clydesdales and Shires and invite them to join our group. Todd asked us what we do so people would want to be a part of us. What at our benefits, what can we do for our youth and our new people to safely and effectively handle our horse, educate new people about our breeds, how to keep up the traditions of these breeds. These are the reasons we participate in the Equine Affaire each year. Individually, we have all reached out to the public but maybe we need to do more of this, as an association, to promote our group and our draft horses. We should look into possible clinics with 4-Hers, Scouts, FFA and county agents. Instruction on equipment, harnessing and training are ways to promote ourselves as a viable, active group. We have to be willing to provide something to draw them in.

We know Liability Insurance is a major problem for us to act as a group. We need to look into finding insurance to cover our group and what it would cost. Individual farms have umbrella policies for their liability requirement, but our group needs something to make us more responsible for the liability. Tim will look into his insurance company for a group coverage of some sort so we can be mobile. This will be a revivification committee for our association. Daryl would like to have access to our flyers and be able to hand out to potential people. Steve Swander has our flyer on email, so it is accessible. We will contact him on this. They are expensive to have printed commercially. Tim would like to see a draft horse show start up again for late Spring/early Summer, like the old Ohio Expo Show. Todd and Emily said there will be a horse show in June, put on by the Welsh horse people and that maybe we could be a part of it, since it is an informal show. Maria asked about a fund raiser for our group and it was decided to talk about this at our December meeting. Our only fund raiser now, is our Chinese Auction at our Summer Picnic. We need to decide what we want to do and then decide how to make the money to help fund it. Tim talked about the old Ohio Expo Draft Horse and Draft Pony Show and how he'd like to see it resurrected. He has talked to people about funds, but it is a big task to put on a show like that one. Lynn suggested we help some of our members, who are doing events and help out as our group. This is a way to help promote ORCSA and also some of the county fairs would be a way to help each other and also help promote our group. Maria asked about the cost of banners for ORCSA, so maybe our members could have them on their displays, trucks, wagons, etc; this is another way to promote ourselves. Tim will contact a graphics company and look into this idea. Possible decals could be used on our vehicles with our logo and website on them. Al said we need to do whatever we can to promote ourselves and our breeds.

Al reminded us that it is time to renew our membership and pay our dues, send in trophy sponsorships to Brenda and our stallion reports to Anita.

Our Summer Picnic will be hosted by Myron and Eleanor Knapp from Rochester, Ohio (just west of Wellington). A date and more information will be announced later.

Al asked us, as a membership, would it help to make up a CALENDAR for 2010 for upcoming events that we would be interested in or participating in. Once we complete this, we could have it on our web site also. This will help us plan for upcoming things that we, as a group, could be a part of and also help each other out, with these events. When we meet hi December for our General membership Meeting (Dec. 12 after the All Draft Horse Show Meeting which is at 10:00am on the State Fair Grounds), we should have our list of events to put on this calendar. We will then be able to refer to this calendar to see what our members are doing throughout the year.

Al turned the meeting over to our 2009 Youth Representative, William Muller, who reported that he had good experiences and fun this past summer helping out at the State Fair and some of the county fairs. William said it was fun to hand out the trophies and ribbons, but it was more fun getting to drive some of the hitches out of the arena after the class. Anita asked if he would like to run again and he said, quickly, yes! Andy complimented him on a good job and Daryl thought it was great to have a young man represent our association. Loren thought the trophy room ladies at the Ohio State Fair did a fine job for us this year. Andy asked if we could complain about the Ringmaster, Al said to bring that up at the Columbus meeting. Tim said he will also address this at the Breed Rep meeting on that day too.

Al asked about the Equine Affaire and Maria said we can discuss that at our December meeting.

Al called for any further business.

Loren asked how State Issue 2 would affect the horse industry, which then followed with a discussion on this. It was felt that is will allow the people most involved with the animal industries to have a say on how thing should be and not some special interest groups, and it will help protect the people that are hi agribusiness. Al called for a motion to adjourn, which was made by Norm and seconded by Maria. The meeting adjourned at 12:45 pm. Further discussions took place about the Dec. 12 date for the "All Breed Draft Horse Show" hi Columbus. Carriage Farm Park near Springfield, Ohio will have plowing days over the 2010 Labor Day Weekend and Andy and Daryl help out there.

Al thanked all of us for coming to this Board meeting and we all felt this meeting was productive and well worthwhile. Another informal discussion about Ohio State Fair followed between Todd and Tun in regards to the expenses of this fair verus other state fairs and shows.

Respectfully submitted^

Anita L. Guiher
ORCSA Secretary