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ORCSA Executive Board Meeting – 11/7/2010
Held at Norm and Anita Guiher’s home

Since President Al Sidell was unable to be here, newly elected President Andy Kavalauskas was introduced by Vice-President Lynn Muller, and Andy then called the meeting to order at 1:35pm. Since the minutes were sent out in the mail after the last Board meeting, the minutes were passed, accepted and not read. A call for the Treasurer's Report, which had been handed out by Brenda, was reviewed, a motion was made by Tim Myers and seconded by Lynn Muller to accept the report. Motion passed. The next item covered was the Trophy Sponsorships for the Ohio State Fair. Mary Myers will help Brenda oversee the trophies for the 2011 State Fair. A call for review on our Youth Representative was made and since William Muller was in attendance today. Andy asked if he would like to take the position again for 2011 if we did not receive any other young peoples' applications. Will indicated that he would like to, if no one else stepped forward. Anita asked Will for a short summary of this year's activities that he participated in so that she could put it in the next newsletter. The next item covered was an overall review of the 2010 Ohio State Fair, in regards to the Shire classes. Todd Riedel and Emily Cullison talked about the Shires, the number of exhibitors and new classes that were added. Tim Myers reported that basically this year, there were no major issues with the State Fair. The Obstacle Class and Pleasure Horse Class will be open next year for both Shires and Clydesdales. Brenda asked about eliminating trophies for any possible classes. It was discussed that we would not have any for Adult Riding Classes but add a trophy for the Tandem Class and keep trophies for all the Youth Classes. Brenda will revise our Trophy Sponsorship Form for 2011 and it will be put in the next newsletter for next year's Ohio State Fair. The Ohio State Fair All Draft Horse Show meeting was discussed and Tim will check on the date and get back to Anita. We will have our next General Membership Meeting after the Ohio State Fair meeting held in December. Please plan to attend and bring a snack to share, before we start our membership meeting. Andy next asked for discussion on our Public Relations for the future. Anita had submitted an article for the latest "Lead Horse" at the request of Martin English, President of the Clydesdale Breeders of the USA. He also made mention of our organization in his " Notes from the President" in the same issue, so we have gotten some exposure in a national way. Andy indicated that "The Corral", a monthly publication, would be another way to get our group some publicity, if we could submit articles for the magazine on what we are about and what we are doing. Also discussed was the 2011 World Clydesdale Show to be in Madison, WI, and if we wanted to contribute in any sort of way. This will be brought up at the General Membership Meeting next month. Also discussed was the vacancy of Andy's Trustee position, since he is now President. Andy will ask Steve Swander if he would be interested in filling this position. Equine Affaire for 2011 was also talked about and it was decided that we need to ask Maria Sidell if she would continue on for 2011 as our "go between" for this event and help organize our group on it. Andy would like to keep this involvement going if we can, as it is a great opportunity to talk to the public and introduce them to the Feathered Breeds and all that these horses are capable of doing. Emily stated that we should look into the "Breed Segment" in the Youth Pavilion, which give us a 10 minute teaching opportunity session. We felt that Steve would be an excellent announcer for this if we took this on. Andy asked about possible ideas for our Spring Fling outing. This will be talked about at the December meeting. Further discussion on this resulted with lots of good possibilities for our group to be more active and involved throughout the year. Motion was made by Brenda and seconded by Norm to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 3:15pm.

Submitted by,

Anita Guiher, Secretary