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ORCSA Executive Board Meeting Minutes September 16, 2007 at 2:00 pm held at Al and Maria Sidell's home

Prsident Al Sidell called the meeting to order at 2:15 pm and noted that the last Board meeting was held on August 12, 2005.

Items to cover at this meeting include:

Our membership dues have become some what of a problem involving members not paying their dues in a timely manner - due January 1 of each new year. In the past, some members were not becoming current with their dues until the summer picnic meeting. This problem was discussed some at the last General Membership Meeting in August at the Ohio State Fair. It was decided to table this until our Executive Board met to resolve this. Al asked for input today, and Brenda Damschroder, our Treasurer, suggested we use January 31 as our dues date but have February 15 as our grace period date with a late fee tacked on after February 15. Further discussion occurred, which involved why we have January 1 as the due date. It was felt that this enhanced our members to also sponsor a trophy for the OSF at the same time as paying the membership dues. The trophy sponsorships are critical - time wise for the publication for the OSF programs so that the correct information would be published.

Maria made a motion that our dues will be set for January 1 each year with a grace period until February 15. After February 15, no further correspondence will come from this association except a post card reminding the delinquent members to send in their dues. Sam seconded the motion and the motion passed.

The dues renewal application will be put in the next newsletter (Fall), including a request for dues, trophy sponsorships. web site information and email addresses, to be listed or not on the web site.

Brenda was approached by this year's Youth Rep to have a listing of members and their email addresses. Anita stated that she puts out the listing of members in a newsletter earlier in the year but since we don't have everyone's email addresses, those were not published. We will try to obtain this information for future distribution. Brenda handed out her Treasurer's Report and she then went over the entries. At this time, she has not received a bill for the engravings for the OSF trophies, so that is an outstanding bill yet. We presently have a balance of $3076. 77 which includes $989.81 from the disbanding of the funds held for the Ohio Exposition Show. Al felt that we will be asked for this money in the near future to start up the Expo show again. Al asked if the expenses of the picnic had been paid and Brenda stated that everything was covered. Al next stated that the Treasurer's Report stood as read.

The next items covered were the OSF Trophies and Hospitality Room. Al finally got in touch with Judy Peters, the Draft Horse Show Coordinator to find out what had happened to the trophies. She said she was not aware that the trophies had not been handed out, and that she would check the trophy room, then verify the results sheet and send the winners their trophies. Al will follow up on her about this to make sure she does, in fact, carry through on this situation. The Hospitality Room confusion resulted in our $50 paid out, being for only Thursday and not Friday too. We, all (ORCSA), understood that this money was for both days' food and drink, but the Mack's said it was for only Thursday. We feel our group is just "non" existent in their eyes, once the Belgian and Perchron exhibitors are done showing. Another problem incurred was with where the OSF people assigned and put the Shire and Clyde exhibitors in the fair barn. It would be nice if we could be closer together as a group and not be scattered all over in the barn. Tim will meet with Judy Peters about our problems and concerns.

A big concern was that all our hitch classes were put on for Friday and it would be nice to spread them out some and put some on Thursday's schedule. One possibility would be to move the Youth classes to Thursday. The Governor's Cup Class has become such a hit and everything is geared toward that class. It is felt that our Youth classes would be more beneficial for them on Thursday, since time wouldn't be such a big factor.

Al next talked about the Ohio Exposition Show. This show was disbanded, and the money was divided up equally to the 3 major breeds. It was felt by all 3 breeds, that this show should be resurrected. Further discussion followed on this possibility. Tim stated that he has been talking with a possible major sponsor, but we will need to have a definite plan in the works before they would commit. Andy talked about the new show, that was held in August at Roberts Arena. The Buckeye Draft Horse Association put on the show, but it was not very well attended by exhibitors. They now would like to move it to a June date for next year. Andy felt we need to shop around for another facility to hold the Expo Show and it doesn't have to be held at Hilliard. Roberts Arena is very expensive and it was felt that trying to go there with the Ohio Expo would be too expensive and unattainable. We felt we need a show again for the amateur drivers to compete too and not just a show for the professional hitches.

Possible sites were discussed and also, if we need to stay with just Ohio exhibitors or should we open it up. It was noted that it would get more expensive if more types of hitches were offered. More discussions on this will continue, as time is critical if we want to have something for next year.

Next we discussed the upcoming Fall weekend event to be held at the Guihers' farm. Al reminded us to send in our votes for our 2008 Officers Election. Andy asked if Brandon could look into moving our web site to another search engine, as he can not open it up with all the advertisements on the present site. Some computers have heavy filters on the sites and this eliminates opening our site sometimes.

Tim asked us to think about possible judges for the 2008 OSF. He will need to submit the names at the December All Breed Meeting in Columbus at the Fair grounds.

Meeting adjourned at 3:45 pm.

Board members and members in attendance: Al & Maria Sidell, Sam & Angie Borck, Brenda & Loren Damschroder, Anita & Norm Guiher, Tim & Mary Myers, and Andy Kavalouskas & Daryl Jones.

Respectfully submitted,

Anita L Guiher Secretary ORCSA