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Highlights from the December 8, 2012 All Draft Horse Breed Show Meeting
at Ohio State Fair Grounds

Fair dates for 2013 - July 29-August 2. Judy Peters, Show Contact, wants events in the Coliseum from 10 am until 10 pm. Evening shows will start at 6:30 instead of 6 pm and the Morning show might start later. The Breed Reps will meet with Ron Mack and Judy Peters for scheduling classes and day changes. There are issues for the exhibitors for coming and going on the grounds as well as on the exiting days for going to and from trailers and campers. It is felt that the exhibitors need more free tickets for the extra helpers. A motion was made and seconded to just have drinks and snacks at the hospitality room. A budget is set for the Judges to be paid S600 and asked if Breed Association would be able to pick up the difference if judges are from out of state and the expense goes up. Nomination for Hitch Judges for the Belgian. Percheron and Clydesdale/Shire Show. Draft Pony Hitches will have their own. Nominated were: Jim Westbrook. Gary Miller and Craig Grange. Motion made and seconded to close nominations, vote taken with Jim Westbrook as first choice. A tie between Gary and Craig resulted in another vote with Craig being selected. Second half nominations were Travis Ledamon. Shannon Cobb and Gar. Miller. Motion made and seconded to close nominations. Vote resulted with Cobb for 1a choice and tie with Travis and Gary. Voted again and Gary was selected for 2nd choice. Discussion on the All Breed Can Class for 2012. The Belgian Association sponsored this class. Talked about having the same association sponsor both trophies - one for Governor's Cup and also the All Breed Cart Class. A motion was taken and seconded to do this. Motion passed. Discussed the possibility of having a Super Team Class for 2013 Fair and where it would be scheduled in the show. Meeting adjourned