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held at the Ohio State Fair Grounds on December 11,2010 @ 10:00am

After President Steinbeck called the meeting to order, he turned it over to Ron Mack, Draft Horse Show Liaison spokesman, who talked about the 2010 Fair and some of the problems that ' were encountered with the Friday schedule. He also said he would like to have more 6 Horse Clydesdales and Shire Hitches for the Governor's Cup Class. There is a need for more time between some of the classes, so they might have to shift some classes around and have the Light horse groups help out with these moves. He feels we need more advertizement and more monies for the Governor's Cup Class since the Fair has lost some of its big sponsorships and supporters. The 2011 Governor's Cup Trophy will be furnished by the Ohio Percheron Association and the 2012 Trophy will be furnished by our ORCSA. Judy Peters, the Ohio State Fair Draft Horse Show Department contact, spoke next about trying to expand the show hours somewhat but not overextend the exhibitors. She also indicated that there were some conflicts with the Ring man, but that he was much easier to work with than some from the past years. MaryLou Mack talked about the hospitality room and asked for comments. The dates for the Fair are August 1-5,2011. Nominations for the Belgian and Percheron Hitch Judge were made for the 1st half of the Draft Horse Show and nominated were Al Frietag, Ryan Lynch and Mark Sparrow. A vote was taken and Al Frietag was 1st choice. The second half of the week's Hitch Judge nominations for the Clydesdales and Shires were Tom Justin, Mark Sparrow and Ryan Lynch. After the vote was taken, Mark Sparrow was 1st choice. This meeting adjourned at 10:45am