Shively Shires

One of our foundation mares-S.S. Aurora of Alexandria and foal

Owned by Gary and Theresa Shively
We obtained our 1st Shire in 1981-a mare, in foal, from Wyoming. Neither of us had cared for horses prior to this! Since then we have enjoyed many years of breeding and showing these wonderful horses. Our numbers are now fewer than in years past, but we always welcome visitors and enjoy talking "horses". Feel free to stop by or give us a call if you are in the area. We always have a few in the fields to keep us busy!

Contact information:
Shively Shires
8452 Jug St Rd NW
Alexandria, OH 43001
Phone: 740-924-7445
Cell Phone: 740-403-4070 Email:

Skelton Lilly
One of our foundation mares-Skelton Lilly and foal
Prepping for show
Gary preparing to show at the Canadian National Exhibition

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